Why Niche Blogging Is Best For Beginners?

niche-blog-whyMany youngsters are blogging as a part time and striving become full time job. The good thing about blogging is can be full time but again considering competition on this industry little high. Now a days many targeting multi niche sites and mostly its technology.

Ranking is now complicated by many brands already but still if you are targeting these area then you gonna loss one day. That I can give written form :P

So now which kind blogging is best for beginners and why?

Answer is “Niche blogging” 

What is Niche blogging?

Niche blogging is narrow topic blogging and it allows to monetize easily, targeted audience, attract reader, carve out a successful place in blogosphere.

Question is Why?

Say for an example if you are blogging about one particular programming such as php or ruby. Now Who are your readers?

Its simple, programmers isn’t it?

So you can easily promote a product related to this niche to those developers.

Now how you can find your targeted audience?

You can find many developers in online forums like stack overflow and other social media groups easily.

Monetizing these blogs are too easy. You can contact advertisers related to these niche and ask for sponsored reviews and ads space display. Adsense also easy to get approval, but apply for programming blog :).

Niche blog gives you good income in short span of time rather than normal tech blog.

Read this article : How niche blogging double your income

6 Myth about niche selection I learned 

There are plenty of ways to monetize your niche blog, adsense is first idea to get in your mind I think. Read this quick tips to make easy approval from adsense

Here I have already written top 10 ways to monetize your blog. To get sponsored post for your blog read this tips for sponsored post.


Most of the beginners trying to learn SEO, blogging, marketing and more. If you start from niche blogging this phase is likely to be easy one.

Because you know your readers and how to pitch them to sell your affiliate product and monetize other ad networks also easy.

Hidden myth is niche blogs needs less SEO and also niche blog is place to experiment SEO tricks too.

To be successful in niche blogging you have to blog what your readers looking for.

Keep touch with us to learn more about blogging.  Happy blogging :)

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