How To Unblock A Person On Facebook

You might be blocked a person on facebook, but after sometime you may think this is the time to stop fight with him/her so you want to unblock a person. If you land this place by search or social media this is the right place to know unblock a person in facebook.

We already wrote how to block users in facebook in previous article, here below steps help you how to unlock users in facebook.

Facebook has own security features in order to avoid spamming as well as it has option to lock any user and unlock person so who can continue conversation with you hereafter.


Step 1 : Login To facebook account, the go to settings or go to this URL directly. then click on blocking tab in the left sidebar menu.


Step 2: Now you can see there is an option to block users, here you can view list of persons you blocked. Just you need to click unblock, so hereafter that person can have relationship with you in facebook.





  1. says

    Wow :) it’s too easy to Unblock someone on Facebook ! I didn’t Block many people just to feat it ! How would I unblock someone in future :) I was so stupid !

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