My Experience With Imran Uddin Blogging, SEO, MMO Coaching

First of all I need to tell who I’m If you don’t know me, Myself Gobinath T (Gobizen in social profiles) from India living in Chennai, working in Software company as Software Tester. I love to learn things and applying. I was amused that people making money online by blogging, I have started blog in year of 2012 here I shared things what  I learn in the web and writing about apps and more about technology.

Why I’m writing my experience?

For a simple electronic equipment order in flipkart or amazon we are leaving comments, experience, review about them so next buyer will get benefit, as same why I shouldn’t for the artifact that change our life. That’s the reason I’m sharing here.

Who is Imran Uddin?

If you don’t know Imran uddin he is young entrepreneur from India. He owns All Tech Media SEO firm and his blogs He is maintaining more than 20+ blogs. He is basically engineering student and started blogging as part-time then turned full time blogger also blogging changed him young entrepreneurship, one of the top 10 highest earning bloggers in india.Imran-Uddin

How I Joined Imran Uddin MMO Coaching

There is lack of knowledge how to turn my skill into money, fortunately I had Adsense but don’t know how to make best income from Adsense and lot more things with other earning opportunities.

Before join his  I was already following Imran Uddin and I never left any article he written in, at that time his blog was in blogger and then also read some interview in several blogs he given. I could not remember that blogs all, one of the blog  he advised to take expert guidance if you are struggling. Until 2013 december my blogging income was about $$ then it moved to $$$ after Imran Uddin guidance. [I’m sharing below]

Finally I joined Imran SEO, Blogging, MMO with concern of Vinay Goud Founder of He earned 1000$ below 3 months.

My Experience with Imran Uddin Blogging, SEO, MMO Coaching

  • Imran done some tweaks in my blog design those changes doubled my Adsense income also that makes my site look and feel great. This is the site, and this is blogger theme he shared in public recently in his blog.
  • Step by step I read all his SEO articles as concern of his guidance.
  • He opens Google hangout and teaching how to optimize traffic and things which do best.
  • He added me his secret Facebook group where people discussing SEO, blogging strategies.
  • He shared me secret sessions how to get sponsored reviews, Keyword research guidance, Alexa rank increasing secrets.
  • And more he conducts often SEO hangouts that helps blogger to learn things and improve their SEO, marketing, and more.

Imran Uddin most optimistic person he handle everything patience and he motivated me to work hard since I was in that position to leave blogging before join his coaching. But, he makes me to think and inspire me become full-time blogger.

There are more things he taught here I cannot open here all things, finally I would say its worth of 1000$ for the investment 100$.

How Much I Earn Past 4 Month?

Mostly my blogging time is evening probably it starts after 9 P.M – it ends up to 3.00 A.M mostly.  earning-adsense-income-report


Google Adsense : $277.04

Sponsored Posts/Reviews : $150$

Other Advertising networks(text ads): 20$

Helping Others : 50+$

Total : 497$ (500+$ approximately)

Note : Adsense screenshot shows including May, I will share on monthly report in future here for full month.

Other Things Every Blogger should learn from Imran Uddin

Work hard – Never say never

Be Patience – handle with care all

Keep try again, do not listen people who discourage you.

Making money from online not easy also not that impossible put extra efforts to make that possible always.

Get help from experts if you struggle anything, read other blogs regularly and connect with other bloggers.

Use power of social sites, do not depend only search engines.

Adsense dependent should not be habit, there is a lot of opportunities present beyond Adsense. I’m not concentrate on adsense and my daily earning adsense is 0-5$

Work for traffic and creative content then people automatically love your site.

Cons Of This Coaching:

  • Its not a premade coaching and you need to present for hangout, and some concepts recorded video you will get.
  • Sometimes unplanned hangout you cannot be present at the time, its essential everything should go in process.
  • Course material is facebook secret group not any related docs will be shared

There is less support from email communication even you would not get reply, but also fb messenger to not always I’m getting reply from all time.

Final Words

There are plenty of methods to earn money here blogging I have chosen that inspires me creation, confident, entrepreneurship and even more happiness you are doing what you love. Congrats in advance who all gets this benefit of this post.



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