I Want To Become a Professional Blogger, Are You Sure?


This is the word from many youngster “I want to become a professional blogger”.

Most of them impressed by pro-bloggers already present in the industry and with their earning reports.

Blogging is you will struggle for a while and then you make $$$$ per month as most people thinks while they entering into this field.

But, this field is not meant for that goal.

Every field has tough competition and you have to choose the field that you more passion on it. Isn’t it?

Whatever the field if you do with passion that going to pay you soon. Isn’t it?

This is applicable for all industry. Always handwork pays worth.

Most of the beginners forget to think what should I do before blogging. They don’t have idea how they can survive this industry.

Before taking blogging as a professional ask these six questions to you.

#Are you ready ?  .You should be ready for these factors.

Are Ready for the Competition?

Now a days every field occupied with more brands as same as blogging too now has more competition.

Comparing to other fields here competition is little and mostly you would not aware who is your competitor.

Before choosing blogging as a career be ready to compete with high competition.

#Why You Want To Blog?

Ask yourself why you want to blog.

I have seen many youngsters blogging without proper goal, they often fall into bad guidance from Spam bloggers.

Avoid short term ideas if that does not meet your long term goal. Practicing building back links for your niche blog help you learn how to build link fast for your customer/client and it makes you deliver on time but practicing event based niche blogging for the sake of money you are wasting your time.

As above concern anything goes wrong take it as learning process then go ahead.

Track yourself like your current employer tracking you.

Blogging should be match long term goal by achieving your short term goals. Your long term goal might be get into own firm or become a $$$$ earning blogger.

#Are you ready build road map for next two years?

In earlier process this is not the task you have to take, but this would help you analyze your current work whether it meets your long term plans.

For example if your goal is to improve your blog traffic daily 50k visitors in two years, you have to build road map that.

Divide your long term plans into short term and work for achieve. Plan everything and update you everything on it.

Be serious on your work and Be cool in front of others.

#Are you ready to connect with others?

No one can do business alone. Be ready to make connection with your readers as well as other bloggers via social network or any form.

Discuss in groups and forum about latest trends in blogging and niche. Also, share your ideas and help each other to grow. Avoid controversial discussions and focus on only positive things.

#Are You Ready To Learn New Technologies?

This is the myth.  Blogging means writing skills only, this what many people thinking.

But, considering trend every blogger is a good webmaster, internet marketer, developer, tester, designer.

This is increasing now a days, you have to think out of box. That’s what in the every field people expecting, if you are not going to do then someone going to take that opportunity. So, be ready to update you in the field and learn new things.

#Finally, Are you deserved?

Ask your self as you can spend lot of time online or not and you have right devices with you.

You have to ready to put continuous effort to make your dream possible. If you are looking short term income from blogging this is not the right field for you, better you can find some offline jobs near by your location.

Be positive always and stick with blogging if you select this field.

#Conclusion : How Long it takes to achieve 1000$ goal?

When I start blogging without knowing anything about SEO, Blogging, Marketing I have spent nearly 50-60 hours per week. I don’t know upward trends and marketing strategies to enrich my income.

Key factors are continuous efforts and willingness to apply new ideas and come with innovations in this field. You have to be strong and unique on showing your talent.

Be smart, Work hard, Put maximum efforts, Take help from blogging friends, share your strategies and get new strategies from others. Don’t expect 1000$ in first month, expect 1$ in one month and work hard for it. Increase your earning step by step and share those experiences with your readers, that’s for good blogging is exist, isn’t it?


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    Wow… nice article!
    I’m also trying to settle in this world of blogging.
    Also becoming pro from poor is not cup of tea. You need to work harder and harder to set your life in blogging. According to me slow and steady wins the race!
    thanks for other SEO related articles.
    akshay kumbhar recently posted…Awesome Football Passing DrillsMy Profile

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