How To Prepare Your Readers Read Whole Content?

Its not that so easy as it looks heading, but its simple if you read this post step by step. As per recent stats 78% of readers are not reading whole content.

Everyone of us wants user to read our content, then only we will get authority and ranking boost in long term. make-reader-read-whole-content

But, you may end up with below thoughts when things go wrong.

  • What they are reading in content, where we failed to get attention?
  • How To Attract your readers with creative writing skills?
  • What you should write, what should not?
  • How to build relationship with content curation?
  • How to engage people maximum?

If you write your content wisely then its possible to get that read all.

Most of users landing article page attracted by creative headings, in such a way readers are reading most of time sub heading of the article not whole content.

You need to increase the possibility to read your content by using simple tactics thats enough to make success on all above listed questions.

1. Font Compatibility & Readability

Font compatibility is the key factor for your blog, some fonts would not support all devices, you need to avoid those formats.

Obviously people would not read your content if font does not support their device. So, make sure tested with all supported devices.

More than compatibility you need to optimize look and feel of your fonts, readability of text its based upon designer choose the color with combination of background colors and font colors.

Core factor is contrast colors, genius contrast colors will increase readability of your web page. Negative way bad contrast will spoil eye contact of user, so he would not any more read your content long time.

The successful well known contrast color is black and white combination, white background with black text with reliable font size always pays worth of reading.

In addition too short line height will make user squint while reading, if its too large it will display like separate bodies.

Font size always matter, too short font size spoil whole readability and it affects users eye contact. To large headers sometime would not be great enough look.

Choose best header font heights, letter spacing, line heights which looks fine for your blog theme.

2. Use Media Files In Proper Places

Images are worth to share with blog post. I have placed images in below post title the chances of getting read your article high and if you displayed controversial images results were awesome but restrict controversial images with certain limit.

Also, you can choose creative images, craft pictures, funny emotions with related to your post heading.

But, here I have found while using with adsense my adsense revenue from below post title ads were reduced, so I have modified the places after few lines from beginning.

Difference between both placement is people getting inspiration to read article by below title image and its first impression, but in after few lines image display people viewing inside article image display, so it makes overall post looks good and increases readability 17%.

As same videos always prefer to be in middle, so it will be very grateful to get full clarity, but it would differ for video bloggers.

Don’t place social media locker, or download PDF format of this web page option in beginning of the article -pdf option can be in middle so user would prefer to read it offline after few lines reading.

3. Avoid Paragraphs

This is the biggest mistake most of us doing in beginning stage. “Writing more content with large paragraphs”, Chances are less to read large paragraphs content.

Have you seen this article I have not written more than 3 lines, its essential to make it people read your content easily.

Also, write content in talking typography, read this for creative writing skills

Have you ever seen this concept while reading your school books. Its divided by chapters and each chapters has headings, each headings has sub headings, and subheadings has micro headings.

Because, dividing into headings or part which makes people think its very less and also it enables easy understanding.


Analytics always powerful to show case your work. Show analytics view from article it makes long term bonding  between readers and your weblog.

Preparing readers to read your article is not easy, you have to workout each tips here explained. Your continuous hard work will get reader read whole content easily.


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