On Page SEO Strategies To Outrank Competitor

You can find many websites are on Google search engine they play a vital role since they have been publishing few articles in the month, and even they could drive huge traffic with SERP too.  Here, This is my first article in this site willing to guide you on page seo strategies how big sites using to build their seo not outranked by others. I also included the concepts outrank them, but you know its not easy part to handle.

on-page-seoLets take an example of few sites such as Quicksprout, Hongkiat, Wikihow how its getting higher ranking all days and how your content more prone to outrank by them after they have written. You need to concentrate below on page seo factors to outrank them before you start doing off page seo activity.

I’m not telling you compete with them. Learn these best practices of SEO side and apply regularly then you will be promoted automatically higher SERP result.

On Page SEO Strategies To Outrank Others

 Page Rank and Page Authority is the Matter

Yes, page rank play a major role in SERP. Sites having higher page rank will be crawled more often in Google. In this factor news sites is the best example so you can understand easily. Sites in Google news are more possible to get ranked higher in search. Such as CNN, BBC and others.

Page authority also important to find your site on SERP higher. Increase your post page authority that helps your site ranking boost in search results.(Tell you upcoming headings)

Unlike Google, bing relies the site reputation and keyword rich title, site friendly structure. I will come up with Bing idea in an another post.

Content Link Structure

We have seen important factor in previous headline to modify your ranking but working on PR and PA factor little tough for beginners but few good signals in on page can make your site get crawled more often. Ping your site in pinging sites such as Pingomatic.

Pass links internally from one post to another post since its useful for readers. Don’t practice link un relevant article in your current article. Try to make always a same category, non related links are considered to spam or not following search engine best practice.

Google search engines spiders are specially designed software that can predict un relevant link structure in you on page. So, go with linking only relevant content.

You can make it in anchor text as same another article title not either one of the keyword rich in the title.

Speed makes Wonder

If you using Google Adsense add Google as your media partner in robots.txt. It looks like below, these lines specify to Google bot to grant all access of your site pages to display related ads.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

This setup only for sites using Google Adsense to avoid crawler errors in Adsense pages and avoid load time to show ads. You can do an audit of your site simply on Google chrome audits section, help you understand which area you need to work to improve your website speed. An another speed tips I added below.site-audit


Theme is the important factor select best themes available in online. Don’t forget to buy quality themes instead of free themes. Encrypted footer links and credit links spoil your SERP in free themes and don’t pirate premium theme if developer finds they will violate copyright issues.

Use genesis with custom designed theme. Also you can prefer others such as Themify.

Themify WordPress Themes
If you are using blogger site you can go with simple SEO optimized templates like Elice blogger template.

Image Optimization

If you take images its an another unique way to create conversational traffic to your site. Still image searches play major roles in photography sites and others too. Well optimized site images gets chances  more images landing. Make content pictures low memory.

Yes, infographics we cannot practice also predict them. Its same for photography sites too, but before uploading them  smush in yahoo reduce few KB help your site more. Saving 1KB do wonders in your crawling as like saving few dollars daily bring huge in the future.


Ads like Adsense units are pre defined common scripts which takes loading time to display ads relevant. But, make sure restrict number of ads on your page.  Sometimes this is a misconception, Number of ads=Number of clicks=Huge. Its not like that three main ad units with responsive design will perform better. Make sure your ads are responsive. To change all ads as responsive follow this article by labnol. So, you would not lose clicks in the mobile version.

Use one or two advertisement programs on page not more than three. Yes, its maximum as Adsense policy but you restrict up to 2 for speed concern.

Title and Description Meta

I’m using WordPress Yoast SEO tool which calculates my SEO rating on live while typing content. In the blogger you can use search description option. Previously I had few sites with blogger and It could drive more traffic with search enabled version than disabled search description version.

Make your keyword rich in relatively before in content. Example: If your article covering the keyword “Beginner SEO” your title should be like “Beginner SEO guide  By Gobizen”. You could see I have used my name in title yes brand name or author name perform better, but any concept use in rotate manner don’t over use. I will come up with an idea how to choose a title with SEO in brief.


I concur WordPress takes advantage of permalinks not in blogger. But, blogger not bad I can say because blogger displaying with archive date in the permalink. Below the best practices of Permalinks.on-page-permalink-practices

You can view as above image I have shown few examples who are ranking high. Yes, Wikipedia in number one nad Moz optimized with keyword with possibly in before occurrence with seo category. Wordsrteam is using great and finally the bad one I have shown in an image. Search engines show only 70 characters in the search title and for the description is 150 make it short to not search engine cut off your content.

Keyword density

keyword density is the usage of your targeted keyword on your targeting page. The density of keyword usage not to exceed 3%. If you take bing 4% is the good density but not for Google still 1% plays major role. Make your keyword in title and description and content in before occurrence.

You can make it your target keyword in on page beginning of the content as well as closure of content. On page seo and off page seo both inter related so you need to take few steps in off page that is link building. Its in last concept how to outrank.

Outrank Others

If you want to outrank others you should do link building, yes this word might be puzzle you but if you need to increase SERP you need to do link building. But, make sure if you feel your ranking not good then do but follow below white hat methods.

Social Media: Share almost every social media sites at present and Reddit and stumble upon is more important because these sites are content finding sites and pages in these sites get more value than others.

Get links from others site who already ranking for your targeted page. These are the primary thing you should do after you optimize on page seo. These links are increasing your page authority as I specified in first few lines. You should do social sharing if you need SERP.


On page seo strategies are not tough way as you think. It needs practice, spend time to build a best content so you can do wonders after. Here I covered Page authority, Keyword and title analysis, Image and theme optimization which parallelly give thump up your rating in search higher.

Ensure to create a best content, and internal site linking and update your site regularly. Concentrate on rich keywords :)

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