6 Myths About Niche Selection I Learned

In the age of 20 I could remember those days I was puzzled to select niche, unfortunately those selections were not performed well.

I created image blog in the beginning, because I have interested in fun and photography. So, I have uploaded some cool stuff on my blog.


This is my very first blog in blogger platform that’s ispion.blogspot.com and now its not live now.

Even though traffic was good on that blog I couldn’t earn much.  I was not aware of monetization methods.

After this blog I have created multi niche blog but this time I have done mistake not had written statement of partnership. My friend took that blog I don’t want to tell that blog URL and I will share that experience in another post.

But though we had strong skill on writing those blogs we weren’t aware of monetization methods, and no confidence to work for long term.

Then after I decided choose niche with some decent researches. Here those studies of niche selection. These are the myths of selecting niche.

See below list of cool ideas on niche selection

#How Passion You Are?

You might be interested in crafting, cooking, sports, gaming etc., But, think before selecting your passion into chosen niche what are the methods available to monetize your blog with those passion.

This idea is for who wants to make money by blogging, see if you are doing blogging for hobby then I would not disturb your selection that’s completely your choice.

Are you want to make decent income from your hobby time by blogging then this is perfect post for you.

If you passion on particular concept you can go ahead no problem, but make sure you research monetization methods as I have mentioned above.

Monetization methods are affiliate selling, adsense, text ads, reviews, direct advertisement, etc.

#How Much Confidence You Have ?

I would say “YES” if you choose passion as your niche but its also depends upon how much confidence you have on that topic.

Passion gives you boost for selection process of particular niche but less confidence on that subject will make that blog less update.

See, my sister asked me to update her beauty blog, but hope you know I don’t have interest on that blog  also I don’t have confidence though I tried to write.

No problem if my sister hates me, her blog is www.beautytipscareforall.com :P

Less confidence and interest will make that blog empty post or not properly updated blog.

#Consider Time To Work On That Niche

Time is ultimate thing for all. Say for example if you choose multi niche what about the time you work for each niche.

See, also you have to ensure how much you can research on that subject so you can give awesome content. It does not mean telling you not to choose multi niche, but plan your time is important.

Before selecting niche take a decision how long per day you’re going to work.

#Do You Have Targeted Audience?

Next big thing is targeted audience, if your good content not recognized by others what will happen.

Before niche selection think about how you can grow your audience.

For example for beauty and fashion niche mostly targeted audience is women especially young women :P

So, how many of them interested to know about beauty tips which product you can promote to them in such a way you have to think.

Building targeted audience is most essential. Think ways to promote your content with your targeted audience.

#Is that niche has competition?

Previous heading example I have given beauty and fashion niche but seriously there is lot of competition present for that niche.

But here in this situation you can go for micro niche. You can select about particular subject from beauty and fashion niche then you can blog about it.

From beauty tips I have taken “nail art” as niche, its easy rank and get viral web. Just 5-15 minutes research on web is enough.

Use google trends to know popularity of niche. Check competition for your niche by searching keywords in google viewing what are the website ranking for those keywords.

If authority website present there is strong risk on compete those competitors. Search result shows only some perception of competition not give exact measurement.

#Is that Niche Worth Of Income ?

Also one of the major thing is you have to verify selected niche whether it’s profitable or not.

Research on keywords you have selected in google keyword planner, amazon, CJ any related product idea you can promote it.

One of the great idea is see what other monetizing with kind of niche you selected. If you find these ways then can start work on niche.

Conclusion Notes

These are the methods where I’m following niche selection for my micro niche blogs and niche blogs.

This blog is multi niche blog reason is I have good enough circle to collect those niche content and monetize those content.

Hope these are all useful for you.

Do you have any other idea on niche selection? Then share me instantly in comments.

If you already created blog, Tell me why you have selected that niche?


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