How Niche Blogging Can Double Your Income?

There are lot of creativity behind the screen present those we ever find the way to open to the world. Niche blogging too. When it comes make money online by blogging most of the time beginners start their blog in broader niche not micro. 

There are certain concepts called niche blogging and affiliate which can actually help your income double every month. And its easy if you write anything that what you have interest easy establish income from your blog also authority. double-income-with-niche-blogging

Hope you know this blog I have created January 2014. Strategically mostly I’m working here but my main income stream until now are niche blogs I’m maintaining. Niche blogs gives instant income, long term income, free authority and more.

Most of time in this stage every one ask this question? Which kind niche blog more profitable? Hope it depends on your internal and external motivation.

Main goal absolutely make money end of the day, but where to start? Brainstorm some concept you love and take this into Google keyword planner search for monthly related word searches if you more opportunity present rank that’s the choice you go with but here also you can choose topics which inspiring you internally such as you are crafter, you can write crafting no problem but before starting think about how to turn this creativity writing into money.

Different Types Of Niche Blogging?

There are basically four type of niche bloggers present you can categories all in this types. Here below certain possibilities of niche blogging.

Product/Application Based Niche Blogs?

These are the blogs which can give detailed view certain products and their review. For example android apps review and best apps finding blogs. Earning opportunity here text ads, adsense, affiliate earning also sponsored reviews and more.

Event Based Niche blogs?

Event based niche blogs for extraordinary bloggers who can bring rank their website in short span with power of link building. You are ranking your website for particular event say for example April Fools day I have created niche blog based on this day it brings me instant 100$ in single day. april-fool-blog

Affiliate Product review/Affiliate niche blog?

If you plan affiliate earning, you should how to drive traffic to your blog that converts visitor into buyer, that’s easy with niche blogs since you are going to rank only two or three keywords. Enable product review and promotion in social media it drives affiliate earning in your pocket.

Concept Based niche blogs?

You might be expert in cooking, this is the time create simple food blog which gives simple cooking ideas. There is a possibility to earn from both affiliate earning and adsense and other text ads are high here. Concept based niche blog can be anything you love or anything it drives money in your pocket.

Monetize your niche blogs

There are plenty of ways present to monetize your niche blogs such as Text ads, Adsense, Affiliate, Sponsored review and more direct advertisement. Niche blogging indulge passion and it motivates you keep going on blogging, also niche blogging is easy manageable.


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    Niche blogging is a very good way to make some extra income and supplement your primary earnings. If you develop a good website/blog, post good amount of quality content and do loads of on and off page optimization, your site is sure to get good rankings and in turn good revenue. Thanks a lot Gobinath for sharing the tips and introduction about niche blogging.
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