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Making a blog in any platform not an issue, but making brand is the key point that every one wants to do. I’m sure you have landed here reason behind is to make a blog to earn money or any other reason that bridge to connect people.

You must understand following consequences in order to be a success in blogging. Its good practices to keep your site clean and best.

What is blogging?

make-a-free-blogBlogging is the word you can say weblog , content that discussing information on the particular niche. Sometimes its comprehensive to understand a blog, blogging, blogger. Here the blow three lines can explainyou difference.

  • Blog is a word which raised from word weblog. This is the online journalism and someone going to expose their ideas.
  • Someone who writes on a blog called blogging.
  • The one who do blogging in the blog called blogger

Why you want to blog?

You may want to blog to make money or want to blog for your business.  This choice is upon your decision and keep not below ideas why you want to do this.

  • To help people who lack of knowledge where you master already.
  • Establishing yourself as expert in particular niche
  • To make relationship other people like you and for business.
  • Express your opinion thoughts about things.
  • To promote business or give solution to customer by blogging.
  • Hobbies that keeps your knowledge and ideas grouped in one place
  • You want to make money online
  • To create brand by blogging(Learning medium)
  • To make a difference. You keep blog to make difference in social
  • To generate traffic on your business site. And, it makes conversion too.

Content Plan

Now you got my reasons to continue blogging. Now the plan for the content which you going to blog. You need a systematic approach to select niche for your blog. Its based on your aim of blogging. Here below content ideas how it was went previous years.

Before choosing niche for blogging make note below analytic should know before your hands on blogging.

  1. What type of content profitable
  2. What type of content you can get more traffic
  3. What type of content will last for long time to make a brand
  4. How to be success with blogging when you select more competition content

Here you can select niche which you are not already master but analyses you make yourself reading and learning more on the niche you have selected let users to learn after your success outcome. Sharing your success and case study hands learning is the better way to start without knowing content with love to explore learned things.

  • Blogging for money takes time to earn since its tough to play present market level you should concentrate your niche selection as profitable. Take this niche also its performing well. Make Money in Online.
  • Technology related stuff like softwares, apps, tricks, how to guides, design and development.
  • Content on health side that perform well
  • Fashion and life style tips
  • One of my friend has beauty tips niche blog where compared my earning this website earning is high since it has minimal visitors.

Make A Free Blog

You can start your dream with free blogging platforms like blogger, tumblr, etc. Below each points can help you to choose these platforms.

    • Blogger : Blogger is the well known platforms you can create a blog in extension of top level domain Your blog address will be subdomain This address varies upon country you are browsing, for example if your blog user using your site in india he will see domain name as Blogger automatically redirect country level domain. You can use custom domain name like by modifying settings DNS provider as well as blogger settings tab. If you want to make money this is the perfect platform to start for newbies.
    • WordPress: Hosting is the great way you can use WordPress hosted version from else you can simply create a blog in but allows you create a subdomain with restriction. You need to pay to go custom domain. If you are interested to blogging turn brand and it will last for a long time as income channel or business purpose prefer to use WordPress hosted version. Now Hostgator provides one click install you can start easily with minimum skills. You can get endless themes, widgets to customize your blog instantly from


  • Tumblr – It makes simplicity of usage. But Tumblr is not long form journalism but you design and elegant usage makes Tumblr still alive . Its allowing user most friendly that showcase styles photography, artworks greatly, and its been used many bloggers around the word who loves blogging from the heart wants to spent little fantasy time.
  • There is no doubt these platforms performs well even you can find some alternatives to start blogging premium as well as free. Weebly, Squarespace, Typepad these are the alternatives but still does not beat above three platform. But these platforms have powerful frame work. I was about to create a blog for my college photo display Weebly  made its easy to display. Also, you can earn money by Adsense and other ads networks in Weebly. So, make a blog now.


I conclude with my personal advice how to success in blogging. You can create blog any of free blogging platforms just in minute.

  1. Select niche which you love and content inspire you lot.
  2. Work on the niche at lease for a year.
  3. Make relation other bloggers like you in the field not about niche.
  4. Use social media to discuss and promote your blog
  5. Be consistency in blogging for change long term.
  6. Learn SEO
  7. Learn to make money blogging and diversity your incomes. If your goal is to make income.
  8. Have own domain, have to do list before blogging
  9. Spent relative time to learn and write in the blog.
  10. Write best content do not  think quantity.
  11.  Finally, I would like to say never ever give up. Now make a free your own blog and work hard, next success is yours.

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