5 Killer Blogging Tips To Increase Blog Audience

There 100 ways to increase blog traffic since I have created blog I had to go with these killer blogging tips. These traffic tips never compete by another blogging tips so I often recommend my readers to create blog best blog with creative content that connect people instead of it feel free to connect people by social networking sites and forum discussing about your content. Your killer blogging tips about to change your blogging experience rather than only traffic.

It’s great isn’t it? “During our darkest hour we must focus on light”. It comes day by day effort. I accept if you are regular reader of my blog you may look for my instant result methods. Yes, these methods are alternative methods but instant results also hidden just let me finish what I conclude. Trust me you can get instant effect too if you start these tips with today after posting your article.Increase-Blog-audience

Before reading killer blogging tips think about below lines, then start working on it:

I hated every minute of training, but I said “Don’t quit” my self just suffer this time and live rest of life as champion

1. Content With On Page SEO

Content is king we know this factor, we should write for content not for SEO also we know, that’s why we are doing every niche research as specialized for experience user as best as we can. But, if we are not driving traffic from search engine then where we can drive huge. So, implement search engine friendly on page factor that mentioned by Famous search provider Google in its webmaster guidelines.

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2. Content With Famous Start Up

You can see content with start up those well known hot words always get higher Click through rate in searches. That all are listed below:- Tips to become killer in blogging with selective worth content.

  • How To
  • Top 10
  • Best List
  • Amazing
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Lists with Numbers
  • Step By Step
  • Advanced Guide

Even more eye watching title created by top blog websites at present. You can see it easily in search result.

Keywords that plays vital role to bring traffic to your blog, I often see keywords used by most people without arranging proper. For example If their title about list of “Best websites” here one sample of article title “10 Best Websites to learn programming” On this site they adding additional tag like this “10 Best Websites to learn programming – Best websites” . This is symbol of keyword stuffing but for few articles in your 500 post blog would not affect but this practice should not be always since its giving best results that’s you are using I know. But, trust me handle with care.

3. Traffic From Major Countries

How this is possible, if you are maintaining great blog target united states audience because traffic United states its higher than other countries if your site major language is English also prefer India because every US sites get second higher traffic from India, But worst part is low CPC. How to do that target traffic ? Find great stuff people love in US and other countries you targeting and work on those content.

Major Hidden strategy is you are not having persona about you targeted audience, have marketing persona work content on your persona.

4. Use Social Network

If you ask any entrepreneur they would not tell this secret of success. Your success is based how much you are using these social networking websites to discuss about your site content. My killer blogging ideas never accomplished without idea of social networking content cognition. Its important, trust me people looks for viral content, but people also look for community and network persons like you.

5. Don’t dishonor to Promote your blog

It’s another hidden trick get more audience is promoting your blog than you also your blog. This is one of advanced guide feature no body will tell you this secret. I think you know “Richard Bronson”  else take neil patel from quicksprout.com you will know what works great in marketing.

Advertise your website in most of all platform, if you money to spend just use this strategy else go with free advertising platforms.

Now I should conclude because you are now almost ready with my tips do all of my tips in most, don’t leave anything. These strategies only can help you become killer in blogging.


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