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Here another interview with blogging expert. We are releasing entrepreneurs interview in our blog, this is the second interview on our blog.

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Jyoti Chauhan is blogger and SEO expert you can find her here

Now get started the interview as one of best series in our entrepreneurs interview.jyothi-blog-update-land

1. Hi Welcome To, We are so proud to have interview with you.

Hi Gobi Zen, First of all I would like to say “Thank you” giving me this honor and give me opportunity to share my blogging experience with your audience.

2. Tell Us about Your Blogging Journey, And How It changed your life?

I never thought that I will be blogger.

I just created a blogspot blog only for me just to collect seo sites list since I don’t want to lose my all data like blog list of particular niche such as social bookmarking list, directory list, forum list etc.

So I have collected all thing at my blog after office hours.

Another seo’s found it useful for them, they start to leave comment and message me to share more seo tips also as I started my blogging journey.

3. Tell any interesting incident that happen in childhood that inspires you always? (it might be incident, story, advices from relation or anything )

I am really surprised how you came to this question. I would like to share one school event from my life that inspires me always. When I was 8th student, my English teacher said to me “Always superior and be shine”.

4. I have found your blog sharing SEO and Blogging Ideas, How Much Time you spend blogging and SEO?

It depends on schedule and projects, I want to spend time regularly at my blog but sometime it is not possible.

5. I’m Listening You From The Beginning of your blogging journey, How you motivated to share blogging and SEO ideas?

I have been working in SEO industry from last three years, so I started to write about SEO in starting. And after getting some particular queries from newbie bloggers, I started to write about blogging since It was not easy to explain all things to everyone separately.

6. I could remember your blog ranking recently increases with maximum effort taken by you and you have shared this on fb, So how you are strong with analytics and why its needs to improved, how to improve our site ranking?

Google love unique content and quality backlinks.

One month, I have updated my blog regularly just one day gap, in this way,I made my blog alexa from 70K to 35K.

I created some quality backlinks from niche forums and blogs. Quality backlinks and unique content on site both are important facts to improve site ranking. Now a day’s social media also play a great role to improve site ranking.

7. How you start your day and what are the activities you like most in your daily routine?

As you know I am odesker, It changed my life schedule totally. I work with foreign client so I always goes to bad late and getup in morning also late.

First of all I check mails and odesk. After that I start my work and I like to spend some time to search some new resources to create good backlinks. Sometime I watch two three movie together till I have busy schedule, I know I am addicted to watching movies.

8. What is the best way to drive traffic for website?

There are several ways to drive targeted traffic to website. Social Media and Forum Posting both are my favorite method to drive targeted traffic to website.

9. You have created great personal brand, how to work for personal brand, what are the things to do for personal branding?

I just share some unique and informative stuff at my blog which my audience need.

10. Is that content is king?

Off course, Content is king but we can’t ignore backlinks. Both has own place.

11.  How much time you are spending on social media and how this is helping you?

When I got time, I like to share my blog posts in Facebook Group and Google+ Community. Sometime, it takes 2 -3 hours also. Social media is best way to drive instant traffic and make brand also.

12. Recently You have moved your site blogger to wp? How you stay with ranking, are happy with wp?

I was new to wp when I moved my blog blogger to wp but Ankit Singla fixed all things for me and I did not lose my traffic and ranking credit goes to Ankit Singla. Yes, I am happy with WP. After shifting WP, my blogging earning has increased.

13. What is best way to get services for blogging, SEO?

Anybody which blog has great content, good alexa and good search engine ranking, she/he has lots of chances to get services of blogging and SEO. I personally prefer odesk.

14. We know you are odesker, how you are getting clients pinch you always?

When a client post a job, I see I am good fit for this job, I create a proposal with full marketing plan and mentioned some reference and send to my clients. It works for me.

15. Message for My Readers

Work passionately, help others and share unique and useful content at your blog. Follow popular bloggers or whom blogger you like most. Never stop to learn new things.

Thanks again Gobi Zen

Conclusion Notes By Author Of This Blog:

Thank you, Jyoti. Its a great interview.

Hope this interview is useful for all. Odesk is good way to earn money in online. Jyoti making decent income from Odesk.

All you need is Work hard, Stay focused. We will meet in next interview. Thanks for reading


  1. says

    Hi Gobi,

    You have done a good job. Jyothi Chauhan is an awesome blogger, within a short span of time, her blog updateland got good ranking in alexa. She also got more search engine ranking. Like your teacher told, you will become “Superior and Shine”.

    All the very best for your blogging journey and also i appreciate Gobi for this nice share.
    Raaja Anandhan recently posted…6 new blogging platforms to improve your TrafficMy Profile

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