Interview with Ankit Kumar Singla – How To Stay With Blogging In Long term?



If you consider blogging as a short term money making then blogging is not the right field for you. Blogging is all about making connection and conversion that can be build only in long term.

Today we come up with another entrepreneur, founder of BloggerTipsTricks Ankit Kumar Singla. Well known professional blogger in blogging field and he is a model for young bloggers.

Also he runs many blogs and helping many ventures to increase their product authority in web world. Ankit gonna explain how he get started in blogging and how to stay with blogging long term.

1.Welcome to Gobizen – Inspire Technology, We are very happy to have you with us.

Thanks for the invite, Gobi. It’s great to be here.

2. What things make you take blogging as a career? Share us how it get started?

It all started something say 4-5 years back. In those days none of my friends were aware of Google Adsense.

I attended a seminar of Google Adsense. I was impressed and convinced by their speech on earning online. And I decided to try my luck at blogging.

I continued my dedicated work for many hours and finally my efforts paid me, I received my FIRST Adsense income, I was over the moon. It was $206 I can term it as my Entrepreneurship. I continued the journey called blogging and my career started.

3. What was the greatest struggle you come over?

See, in those days we were having a single computer system at home. Most of the time my sister used to work on it. And the moment she left the chair I used to work on it. So I used to get very less time to chase my dream.

Being a teenager, ideas used to storm me. So I planned to wake up early in the morning and without bathing and even skipping my breakfast I used to start my work.

I used to work continuously for 6-7 hours early in the morning. It was my routine. And I must say it was the biggest struggle for me in my blogging career.

4. I know you personally, your work is like swing continuously working for several blogs and services.

You always presence in social media too. So how you are managing your time?  Are you using any tool?

Yes, you are right my friend, I work like swing. You know it’s very difficult to manage time.

I juggle myself between many ventures. To maintain my work smoothly, I have a diary in which I jot down the weekly plans and try to execute them on time, but yes of course some time I miss L but it’s ok, I complete it.

I don’t like to waste a single minute. While travelling I read E-books, my mails etc.

I have a special tool named ENTHUSIASM which boosts me to work as and when required.

Now in this ever progressing technology I do have smartphone apps like Kindle, twitter app etc. and it makes easy for me to be on social networking sites as and when required.

In short it depends on us how well we manage our 24 hours.

5. What is best quote that makes you work forward in struggles? 

When you feel like quitting think about why you started

Tweet: When you feel like quitting think about why you started
6. Formal tech blogs will try to bring traffic by SEO and social media presence. Your niche is blogging for bloggertipstricks, so what is your strategy for traffic?

According to me, the basic strategy for traffic is your relationship with your readers, blogger friends be a novice or a problogger. You must share your views with them, help them.

Do quality blog commenting for building relation not for BACKLINKS. Once you share good content with them I am sure they will also consider you as a good blogger.

I have about 80% organic traffic.

I get this by helping my dear readers. Whenever any reader approaches BTT for his/her problem I provide content to sort out the issue and the reader is happy. And he/she follows BTT, share my content on their social network which boosts my blog traffic.

I believe in building relationship with the readers as they are our pillars on which our blog stands today. Also I provide quality content on my blog which attracts my readers to visit BTT as and when required.

7. What game you love and why?  {if you don’t play games please share us anything you love and why you love that}

Games J I love? Oh!! I tell you frankly I hardly get any time to play any games but in case I get time I simply go to the park near my house and play with kids. It refreshes me.

Basically I love investing time and money on new things, to learn and test new ventures which help in shaping my future.

And specially I love FAILURE !!  yes I am not joking. Why failure? Because it is the most powerful motivational weapon for me which pushes me to work more harder to achieve success. So I keep experimenting.. no fear of failure J sounds interesting isn’t it?

8. Again I’m coming tech part.  Your tips for affiliate marketing for beginners? 

See don’t promote affiliate products blindly or for sake of money.

Promote your name. So the first and foremost tip will be BUILD your name. Promote your name, by quality content which will turn your name into a BRAND. By doing so your readers will buy your product without giving it a second thought.

Like I’m promoting Hostgator hosting with my Blogger to WordPress migration service. Now, my readers trust me and of course my work, so they happily opt for my services and I get sales easily.

This applies to all affiliate products. First earn reader’s trust and your sales will keep increasing automatically.

9. Now this is the core part what is your tips for my readers on this. How To Stay with blogging in long term? 

Consider your blog as your business. To develop it, use good strategy right from investing to promoting it. First learn the basics like build relations and engagement on your blog.

Promote others, help others and in return they will also promote you in that way your blog will keep growing. See it’s like the saying: You Get what You Give.

Plan new things, work on good and profitable ideas, be creative. Invest money as well whenever needed on professional themes, reliable hostings and various blogging resources.

You can check these blogging resources which I’m using to make my blogging more convenient and helpful to me, my readers, customers, friends as well.

Don’t try to earn from very first day. It takes time to establish yourself. So, first make your blog a place for useful resources.  Be confident on yourself.  Think for long term returns. That’s it.

Thank You Notes :

Hi, Ankit you have explained well on trends in blogging, Of course its 100% true if short term bloggers are going to occupy full of internet one day world would say bloggers=spammers. Hope it would not happen in considering bloggers like you.

Thank you Ankit singla, we wish you have many more success to you in future.


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