An Interview With Web Marketing Expert Neil Patel

In the series of entrepreneurs interview here the interview with neil patel. Before starting this interview I would like to share how neil modified world of internet marketing.

Neil patel is the co-founder of Crazy EggHello Bar, and KISSmetrics.. He is helping world of marketing from his blog 

He was recognized top 100 entrepreneur under age of 30, recognized by forbes as top 10 influential online marketer.  I can tell all about him but that would not be in-and-out so you can read that inspiring story here

You can find him here . 

So now here is the quick interview with Neil Patel.


1. Hi Neil, Welcome To Gobizen – Inspire Technology I’m very excited to interview you.

Thanks for having me :)

2. Every beginners dream is “I will be like Neil, My blog will reach readers such as quicksprout” but we know to make this kind of impressive brand is not possible in a day, please tell us how Quicksprout crafted as wonderful brand and how your online marketing journey started?

Its all started through my passion for all things digital marketing. I wanted to learn more so I jumped in and started writing about the topic.

I have never looked back and I continue to write to this day. It’s all about passion and hard work. There is no real trick, it’s just hard work that was put in over years.

3. Also tell us about your other brands?

I am the co-founder of KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg. KISSmetrics helps you understand who your visitors are and what makes them convert. Crazy Egg is a usability analytics tool that shows you where people click.

4. Everyone of us have some dreams in our childhood, Please tell us about us your childhood dream, what you think about that now?

To be honest I never thought I would be as involved in internet marketing as I am. I used to play basketball and hang out with my friends growing up. I didn’t have concrete dreams.

5. You are writing often advanced guide, what’s the need of advanced guide? is everyone should write advanced guides?

I feel like the advanced guide is blueprint for marketers who are trying to expand on their current marketing initiatives.

It’s made for the marketer who wants new out of the box ideas.

6. Your blog traffic flows from social media, email marketing, search engines, direct etc,. Which traffic source makes higher conversion?

I find that email marketing and search engine traffic has a pretty high conversion rate. With that being said it varies from month to month and from content piece to content piece.

7. What is your advice for beginners?

Keep working hard. Fortune favors those who are prepared.

8. How crazy egg helped you increase conversion rate?

It allows you to find out where your visitors are clicking on your site. That way you can ensure you are placing key elements in the right places on your site.

9. In the India, blogging and SEO is upcoming passion and lots of people inspiring by you. What’s your advice for them to be success in web marketing industry?

Keep learning new things. The industry is rapidly changing. It’s all about keep up with trends.

10. What you think about black hat SEO? is it good for ranking?

Avoid it at all costs. I would encourage people to stay away from black hat strategies.

These shortcuts will ultimately do more harm than good.

11. What is success for every entrepreneurs?

That’s really depends on how each individual defines success.

For me it’s all about being able to help as many other people as possible.

12. Your message for our readers to be success in blogging and SEO world?

Keep creating quality/unique content that captures the imagination of your visitors. You’ll find this will be your greatest strength.

Conclusion Notes By Gobizen

Thank you neil, you have shared great information that inspires every beginner who wants to become entrepreneur.

In the tough schedule neil shared great information to our questions.  Hope this interview inspire you lot, keep reading our blog we will have lot more interviews and advanced tutorial on the board.

Before ending this interview, I would like to know what question you would asked to neil if you are the interviewer ? Leave questions in comments, Neil will reply your questions :)

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    Hi Gobizen

    This is your big achievement you got Neil Patel to publish his interview here. Otherwise such top bloggers could not be caught easily. This is the result of your stronger networking.

    Two points worth to be noted in this post; one is to produce quality content and second one to be updated as everything is changing in online world. This shows how newbie and struggling bloggers have to be adaptive to changes and remain stick to the rule of quality.

    Greetings on publishing the interview of one of the top 10 online influencers of the world.
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    It is not easy for you to earn money when you just step into the internet marketing. You will have to keep on learning while you spending your time and effort to promote your online business.
    Take advice from the expert, you may get less wrong steps.

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