Interview With Creative Blogger Lasya K Elzibeth


As honoring creativity from we are interviewing great bloggers. Today interview with creative blogger Lasya k Elzibeth.

If you don’t know about her, she is a skilled blogger and helped thousands of people get easy approval of adsense and sharing her online earning tips and inspiring article’s at

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Here interview with lasya :)

1. Hi Lasya, Welcome To Gobizen – Inspire Technology I’m very excited to have interview with you.

Hello Gobizen, I am very happy to be a part of

Thank you for having me here to share my all experiences with readers, I may be new to some readers.

So let me introduce myself.

Hi readers!, this is Lasya K , founder of

I completed my engineering in ECE stream, but have passion towards Blogging and want to be an Entrepreneur.

Now, I am working in web developing company All Tech Media as a SEO/Marketing/Growth Hacker, and my hobbies are writing articles, learning new skills, Sports, searching for new things etc.

2. Share best things about blogging career ,and you? Also tell us about your blog how it was crafted?

I was introduced to blogging by Imran (Founder of All Tech Buzz), and that day onwards I started to learn new things, I had a conversation with many number of bloggers around the world, and I planned to start a blog.

So, Initially I came up with

it’s my all time favorite “” , it’s been my dream to start a blog which covers most of the trending topics,and I chose 9 categories/topics in which I will cover the Top 10 lists.

In the concern of unique everyone started to recognise me, and that’s the best moment in my blogging career :)

3. There are less female bloggers present in blogging industry, how you are viewing this industry a good opportunity for women?

Well,  I was a normal girl before blogging, but blogging, it turned my mind.

We are all born with same mind, but the way we think differs.

So, I quickly made a decision, that this is the right place to show my skills, and to enhance my knowledge.

I turned up to be a first female blogger from my city.

I can say this is the best field, as everyone have their unique skills here. In India, majority of women’s decisions
are made by Parents, relatives, but in my point of view, blogging is a safe place, rather working as software engineer (in night shifts), and with blogging everyone can handle their business just from their houses.

There is no safest place for women than their house, Right?

4. What motivates you to become entrepreneur?

I already answered this in earlier question.

As an Entrepreneur, I have unlimited freedom to carry out all my ideas. Whether it’s a success or failure I’m keep on looking forward  learn something new.

We, bloggers never stop learning, we learn many things daily.

5. What’s your advice for beginners?

As a beginner, everyone tends to go for making money, so they go with some cheap ways to get traffic (blackhat), I don’t suggest them to go in that way.

First, if we concentrate learning, and improve the blogging skills, seo etc, our approach on blogging changes, ultimately, we will be aware of almost every aspect and that’s give us a way to start blog which satisfy people need.

Money will be generated automatically! Start with a passion, you can do it !

6. We know you are expert in Google adsense, how much adsense accounts you participated got approved?

I already made a case study on that, and i made around 46+ adsense approval, can’t give the names, but most of them are strangers who approached me for help!
write some more !!!

7. What’s your advice to get adsense approval easily?

Just follow the rules of Adsense, don’t go for cheap ways to generate traffic, and don’t spam groups.

Make sure, you have a privacy policy, disclaimer page, Try to avoid pop-up ads (if you are using in your Adsense blog), try to get natural backlinks, rather than buying fiver gigs.

My advice is if you are writing a good article, what happen now? with good sharing only  it will reach people and get you natural traffic.

These factors confirm your Adsense approval easily.

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8. Is blogger must have adsense account, what should bloggers goal?

Adsense is the basic and key element to generate money for few years or life time ( depends on the usage of account ). So, for every blogger there should be an adsense as to have a security for earnings in their blogging journey.

But, adsense should not be the goal as we don’t know when our blog will be up and when it will be low.

So, our goals should be invariant. Make use of all the resources to generate money and set to few where you can generate money in a perfect way.

9. What is the secret of your blog traffic?

Good content, Ease of language, Social Media are the few key elements which plays more crucial role in my blog traffic.

10. Your message for our readers.

Everyone will have goal to earn money online. As you think earning money online is bit difficult task but when you really do hard work .

11. How happy you are with this interview? What you think about our blog?

I feel really good to share all my views with our readers and once again thank you for giving me this opportunity. Our blog Gobizen-Inspire Technology is really a good one which is giving an hopes for all the bloggers and good content overall.

I feel happy for being a part of this blog.

Notes From Author : 

Thank you Lasya for the wonderful words, we wish you get many more success for you.


  1. says

    We really inspire and admire her for her works and she always helps many people to get adsense and not only adsense in blogging, seo, etc. And recently her is published and it was like awesome really we need such a bloggers and would like to have a chat with her soon. Hope, she accepts ours invitation. Really her parents are proud to have her. :)

  2. says

    Awesome interview Lasya K. She is really Adsense goddess who helped these many people in her busy schedule also. Really Thank you gobizen for making such a great interview with lasya k elzibeth. God bless her and even my parents are feeling awesome when they heard that a girl reached such a great success. Always an inspiring and creative girl.

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