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I’m about to release new category in our blog for entrepreneurs, here I would like to share tips for success, interviews, inspiring story of entrepreneurs.

When I thought to release interview with entrepreneurs, kulwant nagi is the person who was in my mind. I have contacted him personally got his time for Gobizen-inspire technology.

In the busy schedule Kulwant Nagi carefully answered my all questions.

Introduction About Kulwant NagiKulwant-Nagi-interview-photo

Kulwant Nagi is the founder of famous blog www.bloggingcage.com, where he shares utilitarian guides for SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing.

He used to come with awesome content ideas, now millions of people following this blog and him online  as well as offline.

He is one of the best inspirational writer. He also have personal blog www.kulwantnagi.com

1. Hi Kulwant Nagi, Welcome To Gobizen – Inspire Technology I’m very excited to interview you.

Thanks for having me, Gobinath. I am excited to share my story with your awesome readers.

2. You have created bloggingcage completely world class blogging network, lots of learning when reading your blog, please tell us about how bloggingcage crafted from the beginning?

I started KulwantNagi.com on 9th September, 2011 and this was my very first blog. After 2-3 months my blog started getting recognition and many people started loving my stuff. So the question in front of me was – should I continue a blog with my own name or buy a new domain having a keyword related to blogging in it.

I started Blogging Cage on 15th January, 2012. Before starting this blog, I was running KulwantNagi.com where I was writing article related to network marketing, as I was doing MLM those days.

So in January, 2012 I decided to buy this domain and moved all the stuff from my old domain to this new domain.

Obviously starting was a very hard phase for me because being a newbie everything was tough and I was not able to find mentors.

I built my blog for 14 months with 2G internet which we use on mobile. And the very first dollar I made with my blog after 7 months.

3. Your content always coming with new strategies, how you find creative content ideas?

I get the idea from awesome people like you. :)

I have a lot of friends on Facebook and have joined various groups as well. In my free time I keep looking for the ideas like people’s questions in the groups.

A latest incident happened when one of my readers asked me in comment section of my blog, “How to get content writers for any blog?”
And here was my answer to him – How to Hire Content Writers – The Essential Guide

4. What beginners should concentrate to be success in blogging career?

The biggest mistake newbies are doing is – they want to make money with their blog from the day one.

I’ll not say, “They should not think about money, because the biggest motivation for me to do blogging was money only.”

My suggestion is very simple – You cannot get the job/earning without earning the degree and passing all the exams.

So blogging is also an exam where you have to pass one exam after another and make it a never ending journey.

They must concentrate on improving their writing/presentation skills rather than running behind money.

5. Your approach in affiliate marketing is awesome,  What is your advice for beginners to get success affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about understanding the behaviour of your potential buyers.

If you can press the right button in their mind, you can convert them into buyers.

I will explain it with one example:

If you want to sell cloud storage with your affiliate link then what kind of headlines you are going to use?

Is it – Get 100GB cloud storage at free of cost?

Is it – Save your files on cloud?

Is it – Cloud Storage Review: Why this is best?

All are wrong..


Because I will pitch my potential buyer using different angle..

I’ll write

What will happen if all your data gets corrupted?

Is your data secure in your PC?

By writing such lines I am pitching their fear button and going to convert them into buyers.

6. What was the tough situation in your blogging journey and what is best moment in your blogging journey?

Starting 8-10 months were really were very tough because no one was there to motivate me. My parents used to scold me as I was spending 14+ hours in front of my laptop and I was not giving them any money.

Best moment for me was when Technorati ranked Blogging Cage top 100 small technology blogs in the world.

7. What is the biggest mistake you have done, and you don’t want to do that again?

Biggest mistake was not capturing leads on one of my blogs which was getting 25K+ daily pageviews.

If I will start any blog with long vision then I am going to capture leads from the day one.

Read this article – 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made In My Blogging Career

8. What bloggers should concentrate, long term or short term and why?

Depends on his/her situation and skills.

If he/she wants to pursue his/her career in blogging then obviously long term vision must be there. If they want to make just a little money and then quit this profession then they can have short term visions.

9. How you are managing blogging time, and what is your high productive time in a day?

I am using various tools to manage my daily routine and blog network.

Google Docs is my top-most loved platform and arrange all my online stuff.

10. Quote you want to share with us about blogging?

I have one quote on my visiting card – If you can think, you can achieve.

You are the output of your thoughts. If you think positive then positive will happen to you, and the reverse is also true.

11. Lots of inspiration comes from great bloggers like you, what is your message for our readers.


You have lots of potential hidden inside you, which no other person in the world have. Decide what you want to become in your life and write it down on a piece of paper.

Work on your dreams and pick that paper after 10 years…. It will never tell lie.

Thank You Notes By Gobizen

Thank you kulwant nagi, we had great time and learning with you from this interview. Hope this would be very useful for beginners who wants to see them next entrepreneur like you.


  1. says

    Hi Gobinath and Kulwant,

    Very inspirational interview guys.

    Thanks to kulwant for sharing his affiliate marketing strategy. I really loved that method.
    I’m doing the same mistake and today I learnt something new which will surely help me in getting more sales in future.

    Thank you both!
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…How To Find Topics For Blog Posts?My Profile

    • says

      Ankit Kumar Singla,

      First of all thank you for your valuable comments. This is awesome method to optimize our affiliate earnings. Hope you will get more sales, keep reading our blog, we will have more stuff in future.

    • says

      Yes, kulwant has great enough skills in entrepreneurship. I’m feeling great with his interview, thanks for your valuable comments sathish. Keep reading our blog.

  2. says

    Hey Gobizen,
    I am follower of Kulwant Nagi and read all articles published by him. It is really impressive and let me inform you that I have recently started affiliate marketing since last 6 month. I have used few tips from Kulwant’s blog as well as blogs from other probloggers and now I am also able to make same amount of money that I earn from adsense.

    I love to read interviews published by bloggers, that help me to motivate my self in blogging field.Thanks for the great interview Gobizen and Kulwant for answers.
    Bhavesh Sondagar recently posted…Amazon Affiliate Tips – How I Made My first $150 on AmazonMy Profile

    • says

      See there is no strategy for short term all we have to do is work for long term, don’t ever consider short term success. One goal that should be long term as Kulwant nagi explained here.

      Thank you for sharing your valuable comments Mehul.

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