How To Increase Alexa Rank Under 200K Within 30 Days

Alexa rank is indispensable way to showcase your website/blog value in web. Meanwhile you can attract your advertisers to get more paid post, advertisement opportunity and even more. Here strategies can help you increase alexa rank where you can increase your traffic too. All you need is daily simple effort to make it possible. 

I’m telling you secrets of my previous site where I could increase traffic rank within 30 days.increase-alexa-rank-below-200k


I accept alexa ranking below 50k is standard but if you tried these methods then you can do more than me. :)

Note: I may not busy to get updated so please don’t consider my current ranking if it fall than mentioned.

Step 1: I have Installed Alexa Ranking Toolbar

You should install alexa tool bar as first step to improve alexa rank. Reason behind this factor is alexa calculating traffic status traffic flows from their tool bar. If you installed alexa tool bar on your browser obviously you will visit your website often for testing purpose. So, ranking will improve. I know this not make you huge but it does well for me.

Another idea I’m using recommended to install alexa ranking to my users as well as my friends who are in this field. They aware of  alexa ranking if you get traffic from them ranking will get improve.

Step 2: Show Alexa Status Widget on your website

You can show alexa widget in your website in order to show your ranking to your users at the same flow traffic will be calculated. Get this widget from here.

If you are running blog website which is not basically related niche to bloggers and web masters you can show alexa widget on your website it helps to user view your rank status and you can write content about personal blogging experience so you can get bloggers traffic who prefereto install alexa already.

You can find alexa ranking boosting software’s and alexa boosting websites. Don’t use such websites to drive alexa traffic because now your Google ranking not in safe and alexa spam those sites. Just avoid those black hat methods. Go with white hat methods to improve alexa rank. You can see best result in my first step and this step 2 is next level.

Step 3 : Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Its an another level of marketing your website and bring traffic to your website. Get most sharing your website in social bookmarking websites such as Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, Facebook. There is two advantage in sharing one is traffic and another is you are passing high authority to your blog.

You can find best blogging networks you can target those networks to target big traffic to your website as well as alexa will improve.

You need bloggers traffic that mean who installed alexa tool bar on their browser. Think on that how to target traffic.

Step 4: Create Great Content

Great content never fails. Concentrate to update your website, home page of your website if it get updates regularly you can see wonders.

I agree great content takes time to build so don’t worry with quantity, recommend you quality content. Do research on it.

Few secrets I should tell here, I have installed alexa tool bar on my friends PC’s and created my site as Home page. This is one of idea I have done it helps me a lot. Think up with my ideas how you can do best. Congrats in advance.


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