How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook – Fake Methods


Getting more facebook likes important somewhat up to one extension to promote your website or product brand in web. In order to improve facebook likes there are plenty of methods present. Here in this article how to get fake likes on facebook, there is two method present to get fake facebook likes. 


1. You can show fake facebook likes count in your website by displaying fake facebook like counter widget

2. You can buy facebook likes some cheap companies that give facebook likes for free. But here though they are telling we gonna offer real facebook likes that’s would not be true most of time.

Getting fake facebook likes from those cheap facebook like providing websites it has own negative impact on your facebook page, so I would not recommend you buy fake facebook likes since it kills others interest. And, this fake facebook likes sometimes get dropped suddenly so you cannot take control on it, also it take effects negative in user engagement base.

We are going to view how to get this fake facebook like widget to display in your website. Users of your website sometimes view your facebook like widget to give like since it has already huge likes. If you had less number of likes it tough to get user attention that more people already love your product.

Facebook has more than 83 million fake accounts so these frauds happening in those fake facebook account, even you can view pages get huge facebook likes it has at least 2%-30% of likes are fake. So what,  fake likes it shows only counts of user liked that this brand already viral in social media.



In this way you can create widget to display fake counts in your website. You can control any time these likes by modifying like status count in code. This article just an guidance how to get fake likes on facebook, never intend to guide to spoil your business and you deserved what you get in this tool.


  1. Emilio Parker says

    What do you mean by enter the script into your website, i get everything except the website bit. I dont have a website, just a facebook page. Where do i enter the script nd where is that displayed (not the script i can see where that is just dont know where to put it).

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