How To Block A Person On Facebook – Facebook Tips

Facebook offers many features considering family safety and security but though it happens in situations someone might be spamming you. So, to stop the fight you can simply block those people who are spamming you.


Just you need to follow below steps to block person you want in facebook. Here with example I’m blocking a person on facebook who spammed me a lot.

Block From Settings

Step 1

Login To Facebook, after you have logged into facebook account then go to settings page ( then click on blocking tab in left side.block-person-facebook

Step 2 : 

You can enter name or email address in this page you want to block. Once you have blocked person they cannot reach you or make conversation with you via facebook. This option available in section of block users in this page.


Also you can block app invites and block event invites from your friends, just you need to enter name of your friend. This feature is enabled for some people often do this invite while they engaged play games via facebook. Sometimes it happens due to game apps involving invite friends list without knowing them.



Block From Profile

You might be thinking how to block a person in facebook via profile in some case if you don’t know email or cannot find himself in list of friends as above method mentioned. So, you can block him directly by accessing his/her facebook profile. Follow below steps to block person by profile.

Step 1 

Go to facebook profile you wish to block. Then click on dotted icon looks as like below picture. You can see options as report, poke, block now you need to click block.



Step 2

After clicking block you will see pop up window to confirm you are blocking his/her profile.



That’s all you have done blocking a person on facebook.


Its essential be safe in social media discussion, kindly use this feature when you feel your privacy get spoiled by others. There are certain percentage of users in facebook deleting their account or not using their account since they affected and they don’t know this feature is present in facebook.

Share this tips to your friends and help them to know about this feature, be proud helping your friend has safe social experience. Block spamming person and enjoy better experience of facebook timeline.

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