How I’m Making 200$ Monthly From Adsense In Part Time

Money-earning-how-im-making-200$-from-adsenseThe income above specified that’s may look very small but this continuous income for any indian blogger per month will make him stick with blogging.

One of my best friend taught me blogging and how to make money in online. There I found some good secret tips to make decent income by blogging with adsense.

Note :    Adsense is not the only way to make money from your blog, we are concentrating to reveal other money making ideas which gives 100% unique results soon. Use this post as your blueprint to make decent income from adsense.

I divided these tips into rules so you make ensure these rules are satisfying in your blog:

Rule 1: More Ads that does not mean more income

I hope you have read this word somewhere in another blog, here I want to put remainder that more ads does not mean more income.

Keep your ads displaying in below post title, below post content, top sidebar.

Large link units also performing well in middle of the content.above-fold-ads

Above image image illustrate use ads in above fold. Yes, concerning above fold ads always performing well. Use above fold methods to display ads.

These are the major areas to display adsense ads.

Most of the time your first ad will give high cpc and that means ad displaying first has more cpc ads. So, possibility of user clicking ads is high for below post title. Make sure you don’t forget to show ads here.

Don’t use illegitive methods to generate any clicks because adsense bot automatically detect invalid clicks and it will neglect those clicks.

Avoid facebook groups traffic for adsense enabled articles because if adsense find base URL from facebook and clicks is high that detect you as generating manual clicks.

Rule 2 : Use Responsive website as well as responsive ads

CPC of mobile ads is 30% higher than desktop ads, just think about if your site ads are responsive what would be?

Don’t lose your money by not optimizing mobile ads. Do it right now. Optimize your ads into responsive by this method. Read below article to make your ads responsive.

How to make adsense ads responsive? Increase adsense income by these methods

Optimizing responsive ads helped me to increase my income 40%. Now the almost done, then what next?

Rule 3 : Choose keywords wisely

Hope you know adsense displaying ads based on keywords showing up in your content and website. Now you have to pick one keyword put it on search see whether that keyword has any ads in search.

If ads are displaying then you can go with that keyword also check that keyword trends map with Google trends, twitter trends.

Most important thing is select the keyword which has less competition, See below how to know keyword has less competition and has high CPC quickly.

  1. Go to
  2. Then tools<keyword planner
  3. Enter your keywords
  4. Click keyword ideas, then you will see suggested bid rate. The most bid rate that mean it has more CPC but in considering trends this may change. That’s why I told you see any ads already displaying in google search result.
  5. Now possibility of bid increasing is high.

Hope you got my points if you select keyword that bidding can be increase and if you ranking for that keyword then half of your work is finished.

Then what ? Now traffic

Rule 4 : Traffic

Must Read : Highly recommended traffic methods to increase your traffic  

Without hesitation I’m saying when the traffic is high your adsense income should be high because the most you get traffic your adsense income will increase.

If you see the traffic, that from search engine only gives you high CPC rather than other traffic source. Because google increasing CPC based upon keyword trends and advertisers bid.

Now if your site has more traffic from search engine then imagine your income from adsense. Got my point right?

Work for less competition search terms and less searches. Yes, less searches mean less traffic but think about

Rule 5 : Don’t put you all eggs in the same basket.

This quote applicable for all concepts I think, now adsense  too.

See I’m having three type of blogs including niche blogs not event based niche blogs :P

I have displayed ads on those websites too. I’m maintaining three blogs , now I’m not concentrating to work for adsense but the blogs earning 6o$+ each from adsense.

Don’t simply display adsense in only type of niche, your adsense is precious use it wisely.

Image credits (c)Flickr

Now what? payment proof?  But before you read this How Niche blogging double you income instantly


In this way I’m earning from adsense in part time 200$ approximately, hope you can do more than me. This is the status dated 2014 month of august, hope it will increase soon :)

Apply above tips to get decent income from adsense, hope you all got my points clearly, right?

Okey, doubts you may have now, just hit comment I will reply quickly:)


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    The points covered by you are really important and would be beneficial for many. I personally don’t ‘love’ adsense but still, I cannot deny that you can earn good sum of money very easily through adsense and if people abide by your advice, they are certainly going to earn good amount of money.
    Manpreet Kaur recently posted…Quiznos Review – When Good Turns EvilMy Profile

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    Nice Article , Adsense is helping all the bloggers to earn while sitting at home. Amit and Harsh have been my role model for success. Keep on publishing good guidelines for the new bloggers

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