How I Increased My Alexa Rank Below 100k?


Recently my alexa rank has increased below 1 lakh, isn’t great?

I have not tasted this experience before but now I’m thinking should work for other blogs too.

Now a days google not updating pagerank often so some of other statistics are important such as moz PR, Domain authority, Page authority , alexa rank.

Yes, here alexa rank is high priority because if you are making money by your blog, your advertisers first preference is alexa since they calculate your blog traffic with alexa rank.

Below 100k is good, below 50K is best, below 10k is awesome, below 5k is extraordinary. This is what I heard from my blogosphere.

Most of my blogosphere not concentrating this alexa rank(some exceptional is there :))

Same mistake I have done, I have not concentrated to work for alexa rank. But, before

Here the points why alexa rank is important?

  1. Now a days google is not updating PR properly, so people calculate your site quality with alexa.
  2. Most of the advertisers goes with alexa rank, so good alexa rank that means  good traffic.
  3. Many advertising networks and sponsored reviews networks love alexa rank and alexa backlinks
  4. Your fellow bloggers love your site if you have good ranking. (Sure, content also important :))
  5. Reputation in blogging field, many more chances will open such as interviews, coaching others etc.,
  6. Moreover people will believe your words from your blog. So, then what now you are brand. Isn’t?

But, true is many would not know these. Simply they will judge alexa is waste and criticize who worked hard for alexa. Avoid those and just work for alexa and you can see wonders.

You may ask now then how you improved?

Now this is the secret, basically I know alexa calculating site traffic based on their system that is alexa tool installed by millions of bloggers, webmaster, people on their browsers.

My blog niche is blogging, SEO, Technology.

Yes, this is broad niche website.

My goal is increase my readers on these categories.

I started to work for my blog in the beginning technology. I could see increase in traffic from search engine decently.

Hope you know for SEO and Blogging niche you cannot drive huge traffic from search engines because already there are more brands than me.

I started to concentrate to find where these category readers present in web?

Simple answer is most of the bloggers connected in social media isn’t?

Such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogging forums, community like indibloggers.

I had to write good content for them, but I found probloggers already written almost all topics. So, I want to write those in different way that I have shared with my hands on experience on each topic.

I choose release bloggers interviews too. That also helped me to increase bloggers traffic.

Here some of my interview post for you :

Interview with Neil Patel – Web marketing king 

Interview with Kulwant Nagi about blogging success 

Interview with adsense queen Lasya 

Interview with Jyoti – Founder of Updateland

These interviews boost my readers instantly :)

Also I have written tips that also helped me to increase readers.

Here some of my post:

Hope you have read these already :)

The Complete Guide For Event Based Niche Blogging 

How I’m Earning 200$ monthly without working for my blogs

How Niche Blogging can double your income

Review Of Imran Uddin MMO Coaching 

How To Get Adsense Quickly

I personally promoted these articles in facebook groups, google plus, Linkedin bloggers group to bring more bloggers readers.

Conclusion : 

To Increase alexa rank this what you should do :

  1. Write unique post and promote to bloggers
  2. Target bloggers to read your blog even though your blog in another niche.
  3. For example if you have food blog, you can article such as experience << How I started my food blog? << How My Food Blog Made 500$ for single review?
  4. You have to smart in choosing the title’s. Read this post how to write creative.
  5. Read this tips for stumbleupon traffic and apply mentioned methods in SEO, weblog categories.
  6. Approach probloggers for interviews that also helpful. Because probloggers they will share your interview with their readers.
  7. Comment probloggers site especially those who installed commentluv because this plugin shows your blog post link. if they find your blog post heading useful they will read your post too.
  8. Make friendship with bloggers in your social profiles, don’t blog lonely. Let them see your work. More than friend who can help you lot ?
  9. For more techie information on alexa how you can improve read this blog post.

Happy Blogging, Hope my experience is useful for you, from this post journey begin for below 50k. I will show below 50k strategies soon.


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    Hello GOBINATH T,

    What a useful tutorial on How I Increased My Alexa Rank Below 100k? There are manywebmasters who share this kind of tutorial but don’t share in a good manner. They makes things complicated. I love your style how you shared everything in a good manner.

    Keep up your good work!

    Have a nice day!

    Mazid Irshad
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