How To Get Real Facebook Likes – 10 Tips

Facebook likes? when I talking about increasing likes something going to heads up in your mind what this post going to do. You can ask me any new strategical methods present to get more facebook likes and what are the methods to get real facebook likes?


I should say yes, carefully read below factual methods to get real facebook users likes for your fan page or your post, pictures, videos, etc.  I have posted before article on fake likes, there are huge inappropriate accounts present in facebook, truth saying there are 90 million fake facebook accounts present now.


I hope you may astonish after this count of fake facebook users, obviously millions of accounts used by some fake facebook likes providing agencies and others for non legal activities or other reasons too.

So increasing facebook likes are somewhat easy now after this high number of fake likes providers increased, our motivation is to get real facebook users likes, it has a strong rationale since only real users will boost your brand income and your authority in facebook get increases so often people will get engage in your fb page.

1. Create Awsome Facebook Page Profile

It would not help you getting more likes, but it may be funneled for your facebook page to get more likes. Great look facebook pages such as below pages always rocking users base, just look below pages how it does well.labnol-facebook-page levis-facebook-page

On first page we displayed above levis business fan page, you can see number of likes and engagement level of audience and second page we took digital inspiration which is tech based blog website written by Amit Agarwal famous Indian blogger.

Learning with these two different pages :

You need not only know about users for your website, I think that’s too bad if you have persona only for your weblog. I recommend creating your own persona, goal for facebook fan page too ( I think it looks bewilder but it gives you elation later :) )

Before you building great page, think about your targeted audience who will go to like your page and participate in discussion or buying product.

Display your landing page in description or web page your actual product present in about us. See above digital inspiration page.

Create cover page interesting, make it people smile for a while by looking your cover page, it obviously get into click like button.

There is a statistics 87% page likes generated behalf of your good  looking page.

Don’t forget to promote your product or web in cover page. Also you can promote other social network pages too.

Use custom URL for your fan page not native facebook URL. That’s easy to get shared by others and remember easy.

2. Post  interesting, exciting

Excitement is the great way to get more likes since from decade in all social network it can be possible, just look over below ideas for creative posts.

1. Use short quotes like sparkling on trends now.

2. Use Images in your post


3. Use videos, videos are another way to get users stay more in your page. Post interesting video that might be on your site niche or brand promotion but short quote on that video line will only make it watched.

4. Ask question on your page. Conversion rate comparing to other methods, asking question is higher. Don’t fail asking question, post it.

4. Post regular on your page. That we will view below headings.

3. Invite Your Friends

You can use this option displaying in right side of your facebook page also click on build audience then invite your friends to like your page. They are real users, they never generate fake likes :) .

4. Use invite by mail

One of the good old feature in every network they have option invite your mail contacts, that’t the way to get free real facebook likes. Just click on build audience then select option invite by mail, choose your mail provider and go in the way facebook guide you invite them.invite-mail-contacts-to-get-likes

It works great for small business owners, also ensure invite your employees and others get invited by this method.

Believe tiny drops can make an ocean, isn’t it ?

Tweet: Believe tiny drops can make an ocean, isn't it ?

5. Post Interesting, Real hot news

Post really good content may be hot news but don’t make it too hot that caught by facebook spam filter. Post really good news so people will love to participate on it.

6. Promote your post with facebook ads

You can promote your facebook page, post with facebook ads. Give targeted audience clearly in facebook ads who you wants to get more converted audience.


8. Use Youtube Videos Footer Links

I hope you are not wasting bucket of dollars to make a youtube videos without proper youtube SEO methods, here another great way to get promote from videos is make engage from youtube videos such as connect with me texts in video description so you can leave social pages links and in video you can show up your facebook page URL to encourage fans.

Hidden truth is youtube video’s really worth when you build really great video, so create great youtube video with proper SEO and proper footer links.

9. Create Giveaway On Your Page

This giveaway gives 100% effective, everybody would like to participate if it really worthy giveaway. For example you are conducting giveaway in iPhone so obviously all kind of  persons love to grab iPhone( Though they have it already :) )

This kind of promotion you can give option to like your page and engage others, its just a simple way get people stay on your landing page. Hope you love it.

10. Use other facebook pages

You can see there is lot of other brand website pages and somme niche related facebook pages already present, you can simply contact their admin and pay for post on their pages.

Video Guide :



Why You should not use facebook ads


Here you can post without asking them but facebook shows little breadcrum link your post for others and if your post high number of pages with same link, facebook will detect your site as spam then your page will be removed from facebook.

Best way is contact them and approach them to get your link on their page, it will boost you likes suddenly.

Note: You can pay 1$ to maximum to post a link on their page, this 1$ worth than above mentioned 100$ of facebook advertisement.

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