How To Get Google Adsense Approval Quickly


So you need quick approval from adsense right?

Now this is the perfect article for you.

I would not get you boring by writing what is adsense and how it works. Its a quick article on get easy adsense approval.

But, I don’t know why you are concentrating only on adsense income. Read this to know other ways to make money from your blog.

Top 10 Well Known Ways to make money from your blog

How to get sponsored post for your blog?

Okey, I understand you want to know the tricks now. This is like a check list before you are applying adsense you need this all.

Step #1 : Top Level domain name

Hope you have top level domain name, don’t you have top level domain name?  Go to godaddy and pick your domain name for 100 Rupees or 2$.

You need a top level domain name for your blog, because top level domain name success rate is high.

Step #2: Unique Content 

Create unique content for your website is must, and beware of you should not post any copied content.

Also, make sure you don’t link any other sites that you are giving for credits. Credits is Ok but don’t link them, and obviously you can link them in natural way or just give text of link.(avoid link mode)

Avoid content like cracking, hacking, casino, job, illegal.

Best niche is technology, recipe, health, food blog, how to.

Step #3: You Must have privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us

Disclaimer, privacy policy, contact us, about us pages  you must have in your website and that can be easily accessible. Also, I recommend you add sitemap page for your website.

Here the sample website to know all these pages. You can copy content of disclaimer, privacy policy from this website pages.

After copying modify your website name in the content.

Step #4: Make sure your website has traffic 

Before applying adsense make sure  your website has traffic from search engines. Here the tips to increase traffic from search engine.

If you applied adsense, adsense will ask you insert their code as a test base. They will analyse traffic flow and ad impression on your website. If you have good traffic more than 1000 impression per day then getting approval chances are high.

Don’t worry if your traffic is less, read this article to improve your traffic.

Step #5: Now You have everything but wait before applying 

Adsense would not allow india and few asian countries adsense countries sites before six month old.

You need to wait for six month isn’t?

Nope, you can apply 45 days old domain. That’s the optimum domain age you  can go with this.

Also, you should have 20+ post in your website.

Step #6: Now What? Everything is Ok?

Now you need to verify all above steps and apply adsense carefully. If you got approval do not insert adsense code suddenly another sites.

Wait for few days without changing the existing ads display in your site. Then start one by one applying ads on other sites.

Now a days adsense is very strict, do not use spammy websites. Your adsense is precious use with limit and with care.

Note: Image Credits – Ben Salter


Hope you got my points well, I’ve not tried these tips personally where I got good result also my blogosphere also got good result. In this way applying adsense you will get fast approval because you are making adsense your site looks legit.

Any consideration of modifying these tips you can contact me or leave comments here, also doubts too. :) All the best to get google adsense account quickly.


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