6 Tips To Drive Traffic From Facebook To Your Website

Increasing traffic of your website is primary part and its tough too for beginners. Here we have detail view of 6 tips to drive traffic to your website from facebook. That you can do both for long term and short term.

Facebook has more than billion users now, obviously lots of fake facebook accounts too. When I think drive traffic from facebook and from my business page I gave a job of increase my facebook likes  to one company where they helped me to get thousand likes in few hours, but what they gave is not legible even I could not fight them long my decision was wrong.drive-facebook-traffic

Later I understand facebook in hand of lots of fake accounts that used to drive fake facebook likes and shares. Find myself and with other friends on fb which working great methods to drive traffic from facebook as well increase fan base on fb.

If you take facebook groups there are lots of fb groups available which has more 100k active members, using these groups that’s up to limit that your website might be black marked by facebook. Yes,one of my website already detected as spam by facebook.

I’m overwhelmed what works great in facebook to drive traffic. Here, 6 tips to help you drive traffic to your website in great way. Read each heading I have added secret methods too.

1. Your Facebook profile Modify For Business

If anyone say you can drive traffic with my tips don’t care if this tip not present, since this is old, it very effective method till now. There are great facebook profiles that people often willing to follow them. I recommend you do some tweaks on your facebook page for business, don’t hesitate add your business details in your facebook profile also give often status about what you have done great.

2. Posting Frequency and Quality

Concentrate to post regular on your facebook fan page. Also post interesting things not normal posts. Few ideas below given before you post must do.

If you are posting in facebook fan pages post relevant content with fun, its tough to post fun things on different (tech) niche but there you can share pranks and funny (tech) images where people often love to look into it.

Post high quality images with your posts and be unique with your pixel selection.

Don’t post continuously that’s not best feeding continuously so people go off you.

Posting videos creative that works grate with link, don’t worry you can drive traffic from video footer link(for youtube).

3. Facebook Groups

Above methods are points that make your profile stands unique, here another method with facebook group as I have specified already posting your links on all facebook groups make your website sick. Here you can play gentle that posting single time or twice that won’t be problem.  You can create mind blowing content and you can promote that on those fb groups where you can track this conversion by google analytics.

On this idea you should apply with creative content, don’t apply with normal blog post. Recommend you write advance tutorial that people often love to read and get converted.

4. Facebook Pages (Working Trick)

Try to find some great facebook pages that has huge fan base that might have 50k – 200k likes and obviously 7%-5% persons talking. Approach admin of those pages to allow you post few link on their page. Don’t mess up with you they would not allow offer them some bucks not a problem. After that your part to create niche relevant to their niche.

5. Keyword  Ranking On Google

As like exact matched domain this methods works great but that would not last for long time as google updates or another brand comes yours outranked. You need to find keyword that has huge traffic that’s up to you selecting keyword but select which is low competition and create facebook page on them, here you can post your content and this time traffic flows from Google >Facebook >Your website.

Note : This method works since facebook has high authority so it appears on google more important than others.

6. Be A Shameless Promoter

A great person working hard that should approachable but not only work hard spend few minutes to tell about you to world what you have done great.  People often loving to know others success and they get inspirations on your success.

We deserved to work hard silently until reach our goal, also we deserved to shout when we won isn’t it?
Tweet: We deserved to work hard silently until reach our goal, also we deserved to shout when we won isn't it?

Hope you have understand great tips over here, feel free to share your ideas with us.

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