How To Download Torrents With IDM – Download Manager Trick

Internet download manager is the fastest download accelerator it makes awesome speed while downloading file via this software. But, considering torrent file native torrent download software’s and other download tools such as bit torrent client does not has download speed like IDM. 

Download-Torrent-Using-IDMSo, often people love to download direct files with Internet download manager but here in torrent that’s not possible since torrent has it own file format so you need to upload torrent file in your torrent download client. Here, below using this trick you can download torrents with IDM also it makes your download speed as much as can, there will be a lot of time saving you are gonna feel it.

Now a days you can few websites offer download torrent file via online, so you need to upload your downloaded torrent file in online and just one click their server cache your file and you can download as like normal file via internet download manager or any other download manager.

Internet download manager available only in windows platform, to get your file downloaded in other platform such as Mac, Linux you can use their other download manager which support these OS.

Steps to download torrent file with IDM:

1. You should install already IDM( Internet download manager) in your windows PC. If you have not installed IDM just install using this link

2. Go below websites where you can download torrent files via online, here below sites there may be option premium users only you can select free version so your bandwidth up to 1 GB.

3. So, as above website go to their website and download your torrent file, these servers cache your torrent file there you can download later from IDM.

4. I hope you installed already IDM so it has extension of major browsers such as chrome, firefox when you click in download button IDM engine automatically grab your download link and download it in respective location.

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