Creative Writing Skills You Must Learn To Gear Traffic

Creative writing ideas that every writers who begin their career in journal looking for. Here, this tutorial help you how to write each and every article more interesting than previous that attracts more visitors proportionally where traffic can be increased.

You will learn below concepts in this tutorial :

  1. What Are Famous Headers That Attracts Huge audience
  2. How To Construct Creative
  3. How To Improve trust on your content
  4. How To Not spoil your readers time
  5. How To Increase traffic with creating writing skills

When it comes in web marketing these are incredible steps that you should follow every time you blog new post on your website.  First part is your article header which performs as bridge between to website and whole web. People often willing to click those titles it creates magnet on their brain.



Some of creative article title I have listed below, you can take a look of these articles how it does it part well.

5 Killer Blogging Tips Never back You

How To Improve Alexa Rank Under 200k Within 30 Days

“How To Spot A Liar”

“Real Or Fake? Test Your Startup Knowledge”

“6 Ways To Boost Instant Traffic”

“Ultimate Guide To Dominate Facbook Traffic”

Here below top article header so inclusion of these words make it more readable than other headings.

How To

“How To” is old strategy that even powerful until last Saturday. I’m always prefer to write problem solving tips that start with “how to”. Take a good example visit this website “How To” which is famous how to tech blog. Thousands of article present that says interesting tips and give solution on your daily tech life.

There are 30% people more likely willing to read How To stuff on their daily surfing.

List That are powerful

List performs incredible that you would not even expect, on that day I was about write about cool stuff android application by searching web there were huge list article’s goes viral. It great to see such posts went higher attraction, Yes, I started adding list content then after can you imagine what happen, people start ask my next list article few contacted me by mail too.

All I recommend If you target users wide and if your persona says your audience is world wide you have to go with list content. Creative list content header ideas are below.

“Top 10 blogging mistakes you should avoid”

“10 Creative blogs you never miss to read”

“6 Predictive Ways To Get Page Rank Instantly”

“100 Android Apps Most Downloaded In 2013″

“10 Rules I follow in blogging when I was 21″

Time it Plays Well

You can view few of post we have already posted in previous blogs and now on here. Really people prefer to read article that contains creative writing such as “Improve Alexa rank within 30 Days ” , “10 Days To Get Google Place 1″ these titles specifying time data which user prefer to know how to achieve within span of time.

Advanced Guide

Recently Quicksprout exposed that advanced guide of Neil that goes most viral on web than his normal post. Also mentioned if you need targeted traffic you have to bring some advance ideas.

“Advanced Guide For Link Building”

“Complete Guide To Get More Facebook Likes”

Short Headings

You don’t need take more time on your visitors reading long term titles, you can make it short point to direct concept such as

“Best Chrome Extensions”

“Blackhat Make You Sick”

“Guide To Link building”

It also it takes seo good part in short title, don’t mess up you whether this perform good result in SEO. It ranks well in Google short titles. All you need creative skill to pick right keywords with natural writing way.


Title with statement performing in good amount of possible results such as

“Warning: Using Alexa Boostup Killing Your Ranking”

“Whatsapp sold to Facebook : 10 reasons you should know”

This is one of the fabulous way to direct your audience who looking to read and why they prefer to read your content.

Statistics Title

These title I recommend you use once you have decent amount of users already you have for you website since it has low organic possible to bring traffic. You can view these kind of title now emerging and this is vast idea that performs highly great result. Before applying take a look these titles.

“How To Increase Traffic 1000 to 2545545 in 7 days”

“Double your traffic in 15 days”

“Get 50000 Traffic from Google+ instantly”

Negative and Controversial

Negative titles are making decision making while users read your heading and they will read content to know result. And other is controversial title always pretty much sure about make huge traffic than I have listed above.

“Everything Wrong With The Worst ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie”

“People Who Love Guns Hate The First Smart Gun Store”

Asking Questions

Creating interesting questions on niche you writing that intelligent way to get response and attracts readers voice.

Such as

“Why You Need Blog For Your Mom?”

“Say How You Are Sleeping? We  tell about you ”

“Are You Listening sounds with headphone?”

Creative headlines born every day, all you need is creative base on your brain to brainstorm new things

Hope you got ideas on how to write creative headers, so now how to bring traffic how to make it good constructive some of unknown facts that I’m going to tell in few lines.

Title is worst part If it success then your success rate is almost 80% . Then content you need to write tone of you. This tone is powerful than others. And most thing is don’t give open tips without analysis, I give you one example : more people writes “write for people not for search engines”, yes we should not but where we will get huge traffic if it not flow from search engine.

Next is tell content with statistics you can show up some examples, proof reading and cool stuff that creates hope to users.


There is an analysis average 10 of 8 users reading headings and sub headings rest of them only read your content.

In addition human eye is predicted to find colors of 10 million combinations and it takes part carefully which been highlighted such as bold, Italics, color, stylized with CSS as long as readers reading lines and paragraph of your post they would not come again.

Don’t write simplye more paragraphs write content with good space to read with encouraging media such as Images, infographics, Videos. Moreover design your website user friendly  responsive design.

Once You have good title and good content with eye watching design, now time to share your content web, so people waiting to share and discuss your content. Congrats in Advance :) Feel free to share this content.

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