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Niche blogging is the best way to earn money from blogging, niche blogging can double your income instantly by doing less work. See how niche blogging helps you increase revenue instantly.

But, you have seen this article is for event based niche blogging. Event based niche blogging is differs from formal niche blogging because event based niche blogs stands only few days.

You need to create blog targeting event to drive the traffic on the particular day, say for example “July4th independence day of united states ” on this day searches will increase related to “july 4th” 4000% times.


April fool blog traffic

Imagine if you rank those keywords on google how much you can drive traffic to your blog?  But, ranking for those keywords not easy you have to follow some strategy that makes your website rank instantly for those keywords.

You need to build link like a hell of spam right?

Nope that actually would not work all time, you have to be smart in event based niche blogging.

I will tell you these things.

  • Research on any upcoming event upcoming in world wide or local
  • Keyword Research
  • Create your first niche blog
  • On Page optimization
  • Off Page optimization
  • Keyword Targeting link building methods
  • Monetization Methods
  • EMD Vs Formal domain name
  • The Real Myth about ranking event based blogs

You will find some illustration in this guide that I have used and referred from my blogosphere.

Note : These illustration and guidance only for learning purpose, this event based niche blog has cons and pros itself. I will let you know the consequences of event based niche blogging.

Step #1: Brainstorm ideas to create event based niche blog

First step is you have to find event that upcoming world wide or nationwide. Here I would choose always worldwide though it has competition in ends only with good earning :)

Indian cpc is less so I would not choose indian event but considering traffic and optimization methods you may choose.

This is the main reason that I would not choose india events, I used to prefer worldwide  and The United States, UK, Australia, Canada events. But, choosing the event not only makes success in event based niche blogging. Now you have to optimize all other aspects.

Here I would like to show example with one of my niche blog I have created.

Last july 4th I have created independence day blog in domain name of where this blog ranked most of its keyword with less link building.

isn’t great? I will let you that secret. Keep reading :)

Step #2 : Keyword Research 

You have to do strong keyword research that’s important part of event based niche blogging. You need to pick related event keyword search terms and put it on keyword planner.

Select the keywords which has less search, these keywords normally will get most traffic in the time of event.

See this keyword “july 4th messages” has more searches now you need to take that keyword and put it on google search. View any other big website already ranking and confirm you can rank for that keyword easily.

Always prefer less competition keywords if you taste one time traffic then everything will be easy for you.

Step #3: Create Your First Niche Blog

Now you have selected the keyword to target, say for example my keyword is independence day 2014 now I have created the domain name with this keyword.

But, you may find this domain name not available sometimes so you can still target this keyword by adding simple x or s in this keyword. Example:

Got my point, right?

Now this is we called exact match domain names. EMD performs well for short term such as these kind of event based niche blogs but you should apply this method for your long term blog.

Best is always prefer top level domain names, don’t go with blogspot sub domains. If you use  Blogspot sub domain then you will lose link juices diverted to country level domains.

Note : Blogspot domains navigate to country level domain for each country user visited for example if you created for india it will redirected to and UK So, in this way you will lose link juices.

Now you have created first event based niche blog, right?

Now set up your site in blogger, blogger I used prefer because that’s free and easy to optimize :)

Step #4: On Page Optimization 

I would say on page is the place that decides flow of traffic in your blog. Now this is the major area, hope you have researched the keywords.

Now jot down all keywords and put it on perfect heading.

Prefer keyword should be present in heading, description, permalinks too.

Note : Permalink – URL which is located after the top level domain name. such as

Now you have to write content that you have not copied from another sites. Now google can find content that copied partially from another site.

In order to avoid penalize write quality content. Most of the time this will tough situation not to copy the content isn’t it?

Now I have done some tricks on this, I have collected some pinterest pins and put that on my site I linked them nofollow link. That’s I have done for my two niche blogs, that helped me drive traffic from pinterest as well as google. You can see that in my independence day blog.

Hope now you have written content for your website, but you have to another job is keyword stuffing.

You have to pick related keywords for your targeted keyword. You can those keywords in related search in google.


Now you have select those keywords and put it on your article page in bottom. This is not recommended to do but keyword still works for new blogs.

Note : Keyword stuffing not necessary for branded blogs you can go ahead if you think you are doing event based content writing for your branded blogs. Also, decision is yours choosing the keyword stuffing for event based niche blogs.

I selected this method which gave me better result.

In order to utilize all link juices < Do not display your label names as links, display only post links you have written in homepage.

All all pages such as about us, privacy, disclaimer and sitemap. That help your blog is legit not scam. Event based niche blog- that does not mean for spammers. You can create good and you can rank for that too with smart link building.

Hope you got my points, now link building is the heart of the event based niche blogging.

Step #5: Off page optimization

This is not so easy part.

You have to follow strategical methods in link building. I recommend you to start with traditional link building methods such as :

  1. Directory submission
  2. Article submission
  3. Blog commenting

This is upto one level you can do with that.

Now I recommend you share your post in social bookmarking sites. I prefer to share your blog post in stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest, Google+ here you will get dofollow link easily.

Read This : Get unlimited traffic from stumbleupon

Now heart part you have to do link building for particular anchor text that you want to rank.

for example if your article want to rank for keyword july 4th messages. Now you have to build link with these combination of words.

Before starting targeted anchor text link building, read below methods do not do:

  • Over optimized anchor text links
  • Not using combination of words such as july 4th sms, 4th of july messages.
  • Using your long term blog as a link source – Do not use your high authority site for link building.

You have to do link building with variation of anchor text.

I have applied tiered link building  here the full guide for tiered link building.

Step #6 : Monetization Methods 

When this word comes monetization my idea is adsense because adsense works well like these blogs. But, you can use also affiliated links and products to promote from event based blogs such as amazon, CJ etc.

Using adsense risk is high because adsense would not allow these kind of sites and if your site penalized by other google algorithm chances of getting adsense ban your account is high.

I would not recommend you use adsense but if you think you are doing with natural way of link building and not copied the content from any other sites and you are using all material with proper disclaimer then you can use adsense.

Your adsense is precious, don’t waste for short term success.

I have used infolinks – text ads that works well.

Also, if you have time you can contact direct advertisers, sponsored reviews.

Hope you got all my points, now the remaining part is some secrets. don’t forget read below part.

EMD Vs Formal domain names  

EMD always perform best because google takes sometime to detect your EMD violating search algorithm or not, but before that you can see good result and you will in the top at SERP then you can leave blogging :P

But,considering formal domain like your branded blogs that will take sometime but now a days this also works fine. Your new domain will work like EMD in ranking for a small period of time. This is also applicable same, if you are not believing me, just register domain and try in next event.

Real Myth about event based niche blogging

Real myth is I left event based niche blogging recently because it takes my formal working time that I couldn’t work for my long term blogs.

When I work for those blogs continuously two or three times, I used to lost my other blog ranking. I hope that would not happen for all.

But, event based niche blogging only increased my confidence to earn money by blogging lot because I had to learn things fast and apply fast that induced lot of strength to work fast.

After few learning I felt this is the time leave event based niche blog and try new things.

Here the new things :)

I created some post in india independence day august 15 in one of my reputed blog. This blog ranked in google first page within 5 minutes. traffic-bestworld


Don’t think you should do tons of link building to drive  a traffic. You have to think creatively to increase traffic. Now here the idea,

  1. Create unique brand like news, entertainment, broad niche website. Example: You can see some event based post in mashable, but I’m not telling you create mashable like a brand you can do like isn’t? above screenshot taken from
  2. Now write content before day or on the day of event
  3. You will see good ranking for your keywords and you can do link building also.
  4. This is the future of event based niche blog, and this work would not affect your normal work. :)

Brand takes time, but think now you can earn lot even after event, right?

Final Words 

Don’t ever think about short term money making, you should link your short term goal to long term goal.

Your works for short term should be bridge over long term dream, always work for brand, have a great brand with you because that’s going to give free identity.

Now every blogger know about amit agarwal why? He is having brand labnol that’s his blog. A brand that’s your identity :)

Work hard, Stay hard, Don’t compromise yourself quality. Keep in mind fortunate works for hard workers. :)


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