I Want To Become a Professional Blogger, Are You Sure?


This is the word from many youngster “I want to become a professional blogger”. Most of them impressed by pro-bloggers already present in the industry and with their earning reports. Blogging is you will struggle for a while and then you make $$$$ per month as most people thinks while they entering into this field. […]

Why Niche Blogging Is Best For Beginners?


Many youngsters are blogging as a part time and striving become full time job. The good thing about blogging is can be full time but again considering competition on this industry little high. Now a days many targeting multi niche sites and mostly its technology. Ranking is now complicated by many brands already but still […]

How I Increased My Alexa Rank Below 100k?


Recently my alexa rank has increased below 1 lakh, isn’t great? I have not tasted this experience before but now I’m thinking should work for other blogs too. Now a days google not updating pagerank often so some of other statistics are important such as moz PR, Domain authority, Page authority , alexa rank. Yes, […]

The Complete Guide To Success In Event Based Niche Blogging


Image credit (c)Stockmonkeys Niche blogging is the best way to earn money from blogging, niche blogging can double your income instantly by doing less work. See how niche blogging helps you increase revenue instantly. But, you have seen this article is for event based niche blogging. Event based niche blogging is differs from formal niche blogging […]

How To Get Google Adsense Approval Quickly


So you need quick approval from adsense right? Now this is the perfect article for you. I would not get you boring by writing what is adsense and how it works. Its a quick article on get easy adsense approval. But, I don’t know why you are concentrating only on adsense income. Read this to […]

5 Untapped Ways To Get Maximum StumbleUpon Traffic


StumbleUpon is the great social bookmarking website which I love other than social bookmarking sites. StumbleUpon gives you instant traffic that you cannot imagine. Hope you understand ultimate thing in blogging is traffic to your blog. If your blog is not getting traffic it would not get any recognition from others, right? In fact, working […]

6 Highly Recommended Traffic Tips For Your Blog


Traffic is the ultimate thing for every blogger. This blog started in 2014 January. Meanwhile I had some other blogs but comparing other blogs all blogs this blog traffic was less. I have not worked for the traffic for my blogs that was the one of the greatest mistake I have done, then I realised […]

6 Myths About Niche Selection I Learned


In the age of 20 I could remember those days I was puzzled to select niche, unfortunately those selections were not performed well. I created image blog in the beginning, because I have interested in fun and photography. So, I have uploaded some cool stuff on my blog. This is my very first blog in […]

How To Prepare Your Readers Read Whole Content?


Its not that so easy as it looks heading, but its simple if you read this post step by step. As per recent stats 78% of readers are not reading whole content. Everyone of us wants user to read our content, then only we will get authority and ranking boost in long term.  But, you […]