Top 3 Air Quality Apps To Test Local Air Quality

Now, biggest problem in all over the world is environment. And, major cities are fail standards for good air quality. Situation is real far worse especially major cities in china as reported fail national air standards. Other countries too the same thing happening now a days, we are in the situation to save our world. Here top 3 air quality check apps from google play store.

Air quality is measured by air quality index(AQI), AQI tells how pure air or how air pollution present. AQI concentrated on how polluted air affects health of human being by breathing few hours of polluted air.

How It Works?

AQI is calculated with value of 0-500. If the this value in peak then it needed high attention on health concern. Lowest point is good air quality. AQI helps to understand local air quality level. Below chart referred from how it measured.


*0-50 AQI is good, its considered to be air pollution is less or not risky.

*51-100 is moderate which is considered to be air pollutant is acceptable but little polluted content present in air might be harm health.

*101-150 unhealthy for sensitive groups, general people would not get affected by this but people like lung diseases might be get affected.

*151-200 Unhealthy, generala people as well as sensitive group people also get experience serious effects.

*201-300 very unhealthy level, everyone observe more serious health issues.

*301-500 hazardous, this would be serious condition of environment, the entire population to be affected.

Android air quality apps are useful to know better about your city air status. Below apps are helpful to know air status.

1. State Of The Air

This app created by american lung association, which provides information of air quality anywhere in united states. You can view daily color coded EPA air quality index for your location. This app gives current status of air details as well as forecasting tomorrow air quality measurement. Download this app from Google play.

2. See Air Quality

See air quality developed by eVerbum.  Download from google play

You can do scan are you want to know air quality index.This app wouldn’t be perfect to tell all information but its worth to have in android for countries such as germany, France, UK, Switzerland.

App is available in two language: English, French

App is often updating new countries and places. Its showing details with history data with quick graphical view.

3. Asia Air Quality

Download from google play.

Air asia quality app plays like widget displays air quality index in real time shows more than 2000 stations in mainland china, india, singapore vietnam, malaysia, thailand, japan, south korea, hong kong.

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