About Us

Gobinath Thiyagarajan, known as Gobizen in media is a founder of Gobizen- Inspire Technology. Co-founder of Bestworld – Best Of Web.

My friends call me gobizen since I have passion on internet marketing and SEO, Blogging, Technology. Accidently this name has been created by me when I was sign up some website and its stick with till now in all web profiles.

Short Bio Of My Life:

I’m graduated in the year of 2012 in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Erode, Tamilnadu, India. Though my study base is electronics I was interested in computer world, marketing and related stuff.

Sometimes I fall in the dreams to become MBA student so I studied for IIM entrance but later I came to know that’s not possible since my not have enough money to manage more than B.E degree.

Meanwhile from my college I was passion about blogging me with my friends we have created some of blogs. But, those not went well then almost my friends lost their confidence on making money by blogging.

One of my friend influence we both created new website.

Now it was end of my degree, I decided to search job rather than continue blogging since we have not earned well. And this not a good time to take blogging as permanent role.

Fortunately managed to get a job within week of after finished my degree.

Got a job in contract role in HCL Technologies for Software Testing. I worked in HCL Technologies almost 1 year, later I moved to another company AMP Technologies.

Now I’m working here as Software Test Engineer.

Since, I love the technology lot I used to search learn things on development, design, blogging, SEO, Web marketing.

I used to spend my evenings applying cases what I have learned on these things.

My favorite is always doing SEO, Blogging, Web marketing. My blogging hours is more than 45 hours per week.

Here below my skills :

Blogging, SEO, Web Marketing.

Also, I know these things HTML, CSS, Java, PHP. I used apply on these things in my blogs. Also, I’m developing wordpress child themes in good time I will release those from this blog.

My First Blogging Income:

My first earning from blogging was in 2012 100$ from google adsense. Adsense is the one of the way to make money in online from your website, you have to optimize to make maximum of profit.

If you have good enough search traffic you will get more pay per click with regards best selection of keywords.

Recently I have connected with some other bloggers who earns millions per month. I learned the ways to make money by blogging, now applying each and every aspects step by step.

This blog is earning by adsense, infolinks, services, private ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews and etc.

Why Gobizen

Gobizen dedicated to tech users to learn tech related ideas. I’m covering content like tech tricks and tips, apps, blogging guide, SEO tutorials, softwares and more.

Connect With Me

Don’t wait for the reply if you contacted me from contact page, connect with in social profiles Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to get clarify instant doubts and get my services related stuff. You mail to gobizen.com

My Personal View About Blogging

When I was 21 overwhelmed to create website to guide best things I found on the web. Then it turned me great career with blogging. I’m glad to say I have been accomplished 3 years in blogging, there were lot of struggle I could face in these days now finally my view about blogging is

“Don’t expect sudden result in blogging, if yes then its not place for you, work hard, stay hard, play smart”

I’m feeling great to be blogger.