6 Highly Recommended Traffic Tips For Your Blog


Traffic is the ultimate thing for every blogger. This blog started in 2014 January. Meanwhile I had some other blogs but comparing other blogs all blogs this blog traffic was less.

I have not worked for the traffic for my blogs that was the one of the greatest mistake I have done, then I realised power of traffic with some experience of niche blogs.

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I started work for improve my blog traffic.

My first advice is if you are using blogger platform don’t see your blogger analytics and if you are using wordpress don’t view your wordpress analytics in dashboard, don’t ever get excited about them.

Concentrate on only google analytics because no advertisers will prefer those stats because this is well known standard for all platform.

Now the highly recommended traffic tips for your blog is ..

1. Creative Blog Post Title

Your blog half of the traffic confirmed by your creative heading. 60% of visitors land your post by viewing simply heading.

Also you have less than second to get attention from reader to judge about your content.

Its no matter how about your content if title is not well no one will read your content.

Strong heading ideas you can get from Portent content idea generators. This is the practice headings but you have to think always out of box.

Here some I have written so far: Its only based single keyword

  1. How Niche blogging helps double your income?
  2. Top 10 Ways to make money by niche blogging?
  3. 6 Hidden myths about niche blogging?
  4. Why niche blogging is tough than normal blog?
  5. Why I hate Niche blogging?
  6. How I Attracted 1 million visitors within month to my niche blog
  7. 10 SEO Of Niche Blogging?

These are the simple ways to craft your title into more attractive and unique.

You have to get people attention from title, you should explain them why they should read your content.

2. Use Proper Keywords in Heading, Description

If you are not concentrating search engine friendly title then your site not gonna rank any keywords. Place your keywords in heading, description properly.

Right keywords are the best way to rank competitive search terms. I had struggle to make keywords proper arrangement.

I found some good ways here,

  1. Place keyword in heading mostly in front
  2. Search engines would not display your title if it too long more than 70 characters, now recent changes in search engine its enough to have 50-60 characters.
  3. Use mixed form keywords in description, it may be synonyms, related words, original keywords. Thats we called LSI.

3. Good Worth To Read

Good worth to read automatically will be shared by others. Post article with most research and examples.

For example you are posting article on “10 Best wordpress plugins worth to have” here if you post simply 10 plugin names what’s the great part here, instead if you post deep information on each plugin will attract your readers to feel worth of this post.

If user thinks useful they will automatically look another great content in your website. Next you need to take them to next for such as subscribing newsletter, feed subscription.

4. Read More Widget

I’m using nrelate related post widget to show related post, also using popular post widget in the right side bar which both has around 35% users are clicking other article to read.

In this way you can control your website bounce rate. See here how to reduce bounce rate instantly.

Also I recommend you change related post widget attractive, contrast colors so possibility user clicking article link to read is high.

5. Collect Mails

See you have not yet started to collect mail and not yet sent even single mail to my readers. So, how you can connect with readers? How you can remind your brand awareness?

82% corporate people verifying their inbox as first job in morning. They delete and see any new information in mail, think if your brand not reach them what will happen in long term.

Start collecting mail id’s, you can share e-books, free goodies from your blog to collect mails.

6. Network Sharing

Sharing on social network is highly recommended factor for reach out your readers instantly. Don’t wait for single minute share your content in social media instantly.

Every day users send more than 400 million tweets per day and facebook likes exceed more than billion like every day.

Use the power of social network and explore your blog content on web.


Collecting simply mails only does not help your business run successfully, you have to start do tweaks on engagement with audience.

Create conversation way article and let people discuss in your blog which helps drive long term stable traffic to your blog.

In what others ways you are using to drive traffic highly recommended?

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