6 Effective Skills Bloggers key To Success

Difference between blogger and successful blogger is effectiveness in their work. You need to understand nothing will work unless you do, none of the blogger in blogging industry comes without hard work at the same time you need to believe only hard work is not enough though for success. 


In the beginning stage of blogging I could remember my blogging hours were more than now, but there is drawback which I understood after long time not concentrating other doable activities. if you need to be smart blogger you need to develop other skills,  daily writing 2000 lines not only makes you master in blogging.

Here the effective skills of bloggers key to success in blogging

Creative Writing

If design goes wrong you can change sometime in long term, if seo goes wrong you can fix those issues easily but if your content is wrong and if it has more grammatical mistake, not enough proofreading which makes reader not comfortable spoil your blog suddenly and long term too.

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  • Write your content precise
  • Write your article not more technical if it so add example that makes easy to understand
  • Practice to write content like a pro

Design Skills

When I started a blog with blogger platform I have used native blogger templates but that were not enough for my needs, so I have done customization on templates but seriously I was not aware of design that much at the time and it was the key to learn HTML and CSS for me, mostly I  prefered w3schools to learn basic things then for a doubts I used stack overflow  – independent Q&A programmers site for doubts and clarification.

So, learn basic HTML & CSS  and also learn photoshop like tools also apply periodically in your site which help you in master design.

Yes, I’m proud to say still learning things on design.

Best To Have Development Skill

Good thing is I have purchased some wordpress and blogger themes from reputed theme shops but when I was apply those themes in my sites are reacted differently with design as well as functional, some of the things I really want to change that actually couldn’t do that since not clear about JS or PHP.

I have contacted theme developers for modification which was really not fair and they simply said “We cannot help you for customization”, then I realized its time learn these things too, now I’m handling modification with own codes.

If you are using WP don’t edit your codes directly better install XAMPP in your windows PC and configure wordpress then do modification and test them properly then apply in your live website.

This is my experience how motivated to learn coding. Moreover its essential to have technical skills one who wants to have success in blogging.

Learn To Use Social Media

Now a days depending on search engine traffic not a great idea, you need to learn how to use social to drive traffic, monetize your blog in right way.

Also learn to build relationship with other bloggers is the key factor to be success. You should not be lonely blogging so learn to make relationship via social media.

Its important to learn how to use facebook, twitter, google+ so you will gain extra traffic and readers to your blog.

In addition you have to engage your readers thorough your blog by comments, offers, and more.

Business Management Skills

Basic management skills are most important, when you start such as services from your blog.

You should know tactics how to attract your clients from services. To run successful business you need to learn diverse range of business. When you start a business you need to take responsibility to achieve expectations from client side.

Improve your working relationship to enhance business results. Track everything what went wrong, what works great for you.

Constant Improvement

Follow up major blogs and news sites which helps to intensify your technical and business skills and apply on your blog constantly.

“Change is the only thing can’t be change”Tweet: Change is the only thing can't be change  by gobizen

Improve constantly, grow constantly, see that world what the way you need .


Super blogger not that easy word, it needs hard work, smart work, passion, creative and sleepless nights. If this is the passion for you its time to start a blog for you. Work on all these effective skills, All the best :)

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