5 Untapped Ways To Get Maximum StumbleUpon Traffic



StumbleUpon is the great social bookmarking website which I love other than social bookmarking sites.

StumbleUpon gives you instant traffic that you cannot imagine.

Hope you understand ultimate thing in blogging is traffic to your blog. If your blog is not getting traffic it would not get any recognition from others, right?

In fact, working for stumbleupon traffic produced some amazing results for me.

I got to know there are lot of websites exploring viral content especially for stumbleupon readers.

How It Works

Stumbleupon explores content based upon users interest that article’s, videos, images, etc.

Now stumbleupon pays attention on what users interest and it shows content based upon users interest.


When user click big stumble button it shows already shared content by other good people like you and good stuff on your interest section based upon votes.

Now clicking on like(Thumb up) button it will show you related content on same interest and unlike(Thumb down) any interest there will less interested content will show.

Stumbleupon famous for instant traffic since by submitting any URL in particular interest this will drive instant traffic by recommending people who marked particular category you shared as interest of them.

Stumbleupon is a social with bookmark site where you can connect with your friends and share your interest in other social sites.

Your friends shared content will be sent to your mail directly by Stumbleupon team and that will show as recommended content.

Here only you can feel content is king, but more than content stumbleupon relies on appearance.

Good appealing website with great content will get huge likes and share by others in stumbleupon.

Now you can start guide on how to generate great stream of traffic by stumbleupon here :

Step #1: Connect With Like Minded People

You have to know people interest before following them.

Stumbleupon shows Stumble Interest DNA on each profiles. Choose the like minded people based upon this interest.stumbleupon-stumble-DNA

For example you blog is health related blog and the person in your connection in stumbleupon also have interest on health.

Now if you shared health related content this content will be recommended to health interested persons those who are in your connection.

if they are thump up your content then stumbleupon show your content to others who are not in your circle. More thump up you got more you will be promoted.

Sharing content at stumbleupon is easy and sharing any URL in particular interest stumbleupon shows to some of users in who are in live so if they vote you will get huge traffic.

Step #2: Find Good Stumbler By Comments

Possibility of users leaving comments in stumbleupon is less and only less amount people in stumbleupon will leave comments. But, this less amount of people count is high when comparing to maximum account of stumbleupon for us.

Stumbleupon has more than 25 million active users, imagine how it can boost your blog traffic.

By surfing stumbleupon you can see some stumble’s got viral you can find few commenters there.stumbler-same-interest

For example : above user liked almost 7.5k pages and more serious stumbler, here such as these users you have to get on follow you.

Now you have to reach them and get connect with them because those stumbler’s are serious lovers of stumbleupon.

They share great content in stumbleupon and if they like your content it will get more beneficial than others.

Step #3:  Sharing Good Stuff and Thumb up Good Stuff

Sharing good stuff is really tough, I would not mind if you can share good enough stuff but prefer to like good stuff in stumbleupon.

The more time you on stumbleupon such as thumbs up, thumbs down, commenting, adding page will get you legit account.

So, as like reddit authority users get instant promotion and if you have more followers then chances of instant traffic is too high.

Step #4: Secret Method To Get Traffic

With my blogosphere experience I have seen some driving huge traffic from stumbleupon with great tricks.

Here below the secret trick to get huge traffic from stumbleupon.

Step #5 : Time is Important

Share your links with perfect timing, now stumbleupon major user base is United states. Share your content evening 4-6 PM PST that’s the time maximum users present in stumbleupon.

You will get huge traffic in this time only. The more you stumble and share also you get vote up brings you higher traffic.

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Stumbleupon is the best way to get your content promoted, also you can use stumbleupon paid discovery if you can spend enough money to promote your blog.

Use above 5 tips get your brand more famous on stumbleupon, now all you need is come with great content and good appealing website design.

Use your creativity with these tips, if you have any other tips share with us, we will link your website too :)


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