5 Things Bloggers Should Be Doing To Have Productive Blogging Week

Positive thinking to have productive weekSo, you are working harder to increase your blog authority but you are struggling  to get best productive from you. Isn’t it?

But, what you mean productive ?

Dictionary they mentioned its producing large amount of goods, crops and other commodities.

Giving rich work in respective time is known as productive, writing 2000 words one day is not productive but writing 2000 words with consistency without compromising  quality is productive.

Good productive person will plan his work accordingly to give best out of him.

Do you feel that’s missing in your blogging week?

Then this is the quick tips for you increase your blogging productive.

Normally productive week depends upon the each day of your busy work and how much time put effort to do that work on daily basis.

Here my quick tips to increase your productive in this week.

Sorry, no more jargon I’m not complicating my words here the simple freaks.

1. You should not be habituated to visit my blog

Are you? If not just subscribe my mail list. Don’t worry I would not spam, I’m not gonna sent any affiliate links but I will sent you my free guide to increase your blog traffic.

Sorry for my promotional words, Now this is the point if you are habituated to visit famous bloggers blog just stop it. Allocate separate time to read others blog also you can use that opportunity while travelling(this is the way I read your blog).

This is my plan, I’m daily travelling 90 minutes my office to home and home to office by bus, so ebooks of famous bloggers in my android mobile. [My employment status you can get from Linkedin :P]

But, I’m sorry of you are self driving. If yes you can prefer coffee break to read simple post from my blog :)

Find the time you are wasting and utilize more time to blog.

Updating yourself takes time so plan for that. Never kick yourself into wasting time activities.

2. Are you well planner, that’s great. Where is your work?

Its great if you plan for week that what are the activities to do.

But, when you return to your work you lose your precious work time. isn’t it?

You can work on tasks now, but thinking to do a task in future instead of now looks comfortable but I bet you would not do any time.

There is an quote,

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you‘ll never get it done.

if you think you can do tomorrow, then what about now. Just do it, don’t think.

Instead of put it off something, get your work action and check it off your to do list.

3. Warren Buffet Way To Optimize You

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.” — Warren Buffet

You cannot do everything. If you know what to do then It will be easy achieve your goal.

Accepting everything makes your schedule difficult to control.

Take enough clients that you can control and deliver them with on time and make them happy.

You can write but you cannot write 100 posts in a day, taking this kind of commitments makes uncomfortable blogging day. So, plan upon it and practice for good outcome.

4. Ideas Not For Perfectionist

I had an idea to make money from high paying CPC keywords niche,  I could do that work from simply blogger blog.

Mistakenly, I have spent time on research on VPS so I can make it up all my sites in one server.

Both good ideas but I spoiled time, Hope you know find best VPS and set up takes time. And, I should do that work in sometime with plan.

Yes, I was perfectionist.

This was stopped my normal productivity. Now I almost stopped this attitude :)

Seriously you would not know the seriousness unless you meet person like you perfectionist.

So, I remind you that everything starts from single dot only, think higher and start in small.

Shape it big one, you know what I mean to say. isn’t it?

See, talking about planning also perfectionist but planning makes you feel energized in long journey of blogging.

5. Stop Your Social Activities On Peak Hours

If you habit of checking facebook updates often, you have to stop that immediately.

Daily checking alexa rank, Google analytic, and ranking factors routine on peak hours of working lead you down your efforts if it went negative.

Always, check status on the go. Play the safe SEO game to get out from google algorithm updates, subscribe me to know how to play safe SEO game,.

Also, kick away addiction of social media. It must to encouraging that kind of learning from social media but if you are tweeting like mad bird then you gonna lose your whole productive day.

Conclusion :

Review and measure your accomplishment in every week you have done and prepare for next week.

Get back to your to do list and check them off and find what you were not able to do and why.

Note your postponed works and learn from your mistakes.

Change yourself, change is the thing that never change isn’t’ it.

Now, I’m giving this to you, Hope you will prepare well for upcoming weeks.

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