10 Tips To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog

Hope you have read 10 known ways to make money from your blog, in that sponsored post as one of the way to make money. As concern of earning money by blogging sponsored post is one though painless way to monetize your blog. If you optimize it in best way then you can earn from sponsored post and sponsored reviews.

What is Sponsored Post?

Simply, Sponsored post is a blog post that advertisers will paid you for a post you place on your site. Mostly advertiser writes content as concern of advertising their product or services. Also sometimes they used to increase their brand authority by building links on reputed relevant blogs.Get-sponsored-post-never-lose-hope

Sponsored post are works well for intensive content but there will be tough those advertisers, and this sponsored post concept is informal to bloggers. Bloggers are masters to get sponsored post.

As confirming google terms of condition links in sponsored post should be nofollow and it should not be used for passing pagerank juice. But, its tough to make them nofollow so before linking to sponsors make sure it doesn’t affect your site, avoid rich anchor text links and more links in single page.

There are three type of sponsored post present as following:

1. Sponsored post that advertisers promote their product on your site , You may need to write that promotional content

2. Sponsored post that requires link from your site since your site is authority site they want to pass your authority to their site

3. Sponsors share blog post with you and you need to post content as same as they given.

Here 10 creative tips that you can use to get sponsored post for your blog:

As you know  for sponsored post convincing advertisers to pay for your post not that easy and you need stable brand authority blog with remarkable quality. So, we have included genuine ways to optimize your site organized for sponsored post.

1. Focus On Content

Before you searching for sponsored post for your blog, ensure your blog is enough good for your readers and create trust on your readers that they will endorse what you write on your blog.  Don’t scrap content from others and if you want to get sponsored post for focussed niche make your site path in to master in focussed niche.

2. Pagerank

Pagerank is an another big reputation that actually works when you ask pay for sponsored post. Your site must have good page rank so higher page rank will get higher earnings, but here you can ask what’s the next if we don’t have PR so just read next heading and view below chart that you can ask pay to your advertiser.


Unique  Monthly  Visits PR 1 PR 2 PR 3 PR 4 and PR4+
5000 $30-$70  $50 –  $100  $100 – $200  $200 – $400+
10000 $70-$200  $100 – $200  $200 – $400  $400 – $600+
20000 $150-$250  $200 – $300  $300 – $600  $600 – $800+
30000 $250-$350  $300 – $400  $400 – $800  $800 – $1,000+
30,000-50,000 $350-$450  $400 – $500  $500 – $1,000  $1,000 – $1,200+
50,000+ $450-$600 $600-$750 $750-$1200 $1200-2000$


As above chart helps to determine how much to charge for sponsored post. Hope you know now a days google not updating pagerank regular so it seems to phase out so you can ask this pay based upon your site alexa rank as well as Monthly unique visitors you get.

3. Alexa Rank

Without hesitation I would like to say alexa rank is important, you need to work for alexa rank. Most of advertisers look quality of site with alexa rank. Here my guide how to get alexa rank below 200k within 30 days.

Build better alexa rank you need a traffic, work for increase your site traffic and engage more content that attracts readers more.

6 Tips to increase facebook traffic for your site


Followers not a big deal but it can be one of the best known authority you can attract your advertisers. More followers and traffic you can ask maximum paid to your blog, mostly advertisers goal is creating brand awareness on their product so they need large targeted fan base. Learn to show you social followers and engagement power to advertiser

5. Sponsored Post/Reviews Websites

You can sign up you website in these sponsored post/reviews websites as below.


This is one of the well known old sire which shares 50% revenue share to you, so if you get sponsored post that cost $50  for your site you will get $25 via paypal, but here one of the worst case they take 50% revenue from us. But, you can collect many advertisers detail to collect directly from here better approach advertisers directly to get decent pay.


This is the fresh site you can join here, but here post joint does not accept users of infolinks and if you use other affiliate earning system. To get approved from you need good social media followers and comments engagement. If you rejected you can raise reconsideration after three months.

6. Direct Advertisers

If you have direct advertisers for your blog, you can attract them for sponsored post also recursively you can attract them for a direct advertisement opportunity.

1. If you can access your local free ads and paid classifieds site, there is the place to find advertisers for your blog contact them with below methods in next heading.

2. Find advertisers by brand which related to niche, for example android niche you can contact directly apps development companies. Here for technology related for the purpose of find advertisers you can visit Job portal, take list of companies and contact with below formats.

7. Contact Advertiser Directly

Hope you understand one of the powerful method is approaching advertisers directly here below the way you can message advertisers as like below mail.



Above is just sample you can use your own methods. Create your unique mail format like above to convince your advertiser.

Next step when they say yes to this mail, send them detailed view how you are going to work to promote their product, your mail should include below details. Sponsored post, giveaways, sidebar ads, linking to other reviews as users view how this product worth than others, other promotional medium(I have attracted one advertisers I’m gonna use adsense, I have send them proof too),  social media followers.

Now its time to ask pay, use reference as above chart or if you entitled pay detail already just finish your work and attract them convert to advertising partner with another featured advertising options. Don’t simple sit if you done post, just try to have good relationship with them such as giving marketing suggestion and more.

8. SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is the place you can sell directly your sponsored post to advertiser, use same above creative methods to attract advertisers. In addition contact advertisers who bought already other seo clerks services.

9. Never Lose hope

In the beginning you might send 50-100 request also finding advertisers and preparing list its pain but once you have dozen sponsored reviews and post, now its likely business will start approaching automatically without work. :)

10. Create Your Own Marketing Kit

Now you have some sponsors, now what? promote them and work hard for them and satisfy their needs. Because their up is your success, isn’t ?

Make a sincere relationship with your sponsors, if it not happens in long term trust will fail.

Once you know what your cost will be then its time to create your marketing media kit for your clients. It should contain brief detail, graphical representation, Site stats, Prices, giveaway, tell your blog is great for advertisement.

Its time to work hard:)

There are best practices to getting sponsored posts for your blog. Work for the content as well marketing, don’t simply go with content writing start work for contact advertisers, also increase your brand awareness, authority. All the best to get sponsored posts, go confidently to achieve your blogging goals. Any concerns on sub headings please comment below.


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    Gobi, you have written a very nice post. It will help a lot of newbie bloggers to get sponsored posts and reviews for their blogs and earn some extra revenue. The revenue for new bloggers might be small however it will increase significantly once your blog gets noticed and becomes popular.
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