10 Blogger SEO Tips Improves Search Traffic 200%

When I started blogging as one of my interest from school days, I was puzzled what things to do with blogging and which platform I should choose.

Later I desired to go with blogger since its free and easy to start for beginners as referred by great bloggers in my country.blogger-traffic-tips

Blogger is the easiest platform anybody can start blog easily, but there is little drawback than WordPress like CMS.

There are less customization, we can use only what blogger have but making possible customization with the blogger site can bring huge traffic with organic.

Here 10 blogger seo tips and tricks, you can increase your blogger site traffic 200%.

First of all you need to learn basic SEO strategies that I would not like to repeat in my blog you can get that from http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo best SEO guide for beginners.

You need to start a blog first of all in blogger platform, once have finalised follow below strategies of blogging.

Ways to make a blog and how to choose niche

Killer Tips To Increase Blog Audience

Gain good skill of blogging, now its time to see your success. Follow below instruction to get most of traffic for blogger blogs.

On Page SEO Factors

1. Proper Keyword Selection

Use simple keyword research tools like google adwords and bing keyword research tool. For keyword planner < adwords set your targeted keyword search with exact match.

Choose the less competition keyword which makes your search engine ranking easily. Normally if your blog is new you can almost rank for all keywords easily since google ranks new website little higher.

Be smart in selecting your keyword for ranking, for example see below illustration how to find low competition keyword:

Your keyword is “facebook likes”, now just go to google and search this keyword.

You can find related keywords in bottom of search, take those keywords and put into adwords keyword planner.

Find related keywords which is low competition and again search that keyword in google to validate whether its competition, verify below points in search.

  • Any exact match domain ranking for that keyword(exact match domain is domain name which same as keyword rich)
  • Any news website ranking in first 10 or any authority site ranking in this top 10
  • If any authority site ranking see whether that site using that keyword in header, description. Sometimes google display synonyms of keywords with result.

Make sure above points that present in search, don’t worry if your site not has authority you can compete them but if your blog is new to authority then don’t choose selected keyword.

From above illustration I found keyword “fake facebook likes” now I’m ranking for that keyword in search position 3. You can see in below image.


Ok! This is not a blogger blog, see below image for keyword “android period tracking apps” I’m ranking for blogger blog.


In this way you need to select keyword for your blog posting.

2. Use Keywords In Places Wherever You Need

Google ranking website based upon authority backlinks also with their smart SEO tactics, but for new blogs it would not come in day so you have to follow google guidance that usage of keywords.

Use keyword in article heading also place keyword in front in highest possibility.

As same as in description place the keyword with combination which looks natural, don’t stuff more keywords in description or header.

Keep continue your work as above mentioned which makes your website content more professional.

3. Traffic For Images 

You can generate extra traffic for your blogger blog via images. Use proper alt tags for images.

Alt tags and title tags brings your images visible search result.

For example for this keyword “iphone 6″ if you write article with image possibilities are high to get traffic from google search. Because 100 out of 40 people will search its images too.

Though you could not rank in web search, you can rank easily in images search.

4. Interlinking

Interlink your article you can drive extra traffic for your old posts, so be linking your already posted article with desired anchor text but don’t use rich anchor text(same anchor text) repeatedly.

Just mix up with other words and make it  look natural. Yes, interlinking also sometime cause penalize.

On Site SEO Factors

5. Permalinks

The link after your domain called permalink. Permalink structure is very important in optimizing on site seo.

Use custom permalinks in blogger post settings. So, you can place keyword in permalink and you can control permalink structure. custom-permalink

6. Make Sure These for blogger blogs

You should have enable robot.txt  for blogger blog since blogger blogs does not has sitemaps its essential to have robot text.

This will used by spiders to crawl your website properly with mentioned ares in text format and for blogger blogs google automatically crawl them with feeds link.

Make sure your blogger template mobile compatible, I have confirmed with recent news with google the websites which is mobile compatible their ranking is well.

Don’t use more than two labels for single post, category cannot be more and use specific labels which enable your site ranking well.

Off Site SEO Factors

Now its for big job, off site seo is very important which decide your organic traffic and non organic traffic.

You need to get more dofollow links for your site to get more authority. While building links use link building methods for article links.

Follow factors to get more traffic from link building and social bookmarking.

7. Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking and content marketing is compulsory activity, of course content is king but what it will happen if no one knows you have written great content.

For beginners you need to use social book marking sites wisely. I cannot give you list of social book marking sites which I”ll cover in another article but you can find list from wikipedia.

8. Use Reddit 

Reddit like social bookmarking sites are very useful to get sudden traffic for your website. Use below short tips to get decent traffic from reddit.

  1. Post reddit your links famous reddit sub category fun, pictures, ask questions, technology, ask questions(share as questions)
  2. Don’t share as you have written article heading think and create new heading for reddit post and share it
  3. Try wordings which might go viral on their.
  4. Post in IST time of 2-4AM where traffic of reddit too high so you can get maximum.

Reddit links are dofollow you can share reddit links and refer your friends to vote for your link.

9. Stumbleupon

If you need your article crawl faster you have to share it on stumbleupon, yes I have confirmed stumbleupon servers acting as ping servers.

So your article will be crawled within few minutes, yes you can use webmaster crawl site tool but this method you are generating traffic too.

10. Connect Bloggers

This is the best way to drive traffic as well improve blogging relationship. Participate in bloggers forums and groups. So, when you bring good content they will share your blog post you will automatically win search ranking.


For blogger like platforms there is less SEO advantage but in the sametime I can tell you no other platform equal to blogger because you don’t need to manage servers or anything.

You just need your good work to show them. Use below quick tips as summary of this post.

  1. Go with custom domain in blogger platform, so your link juice never divided.
  2. Prefer .com or org or.net domain names, avoid country based domain names if you want to rank world wide.
  3. Choose keywords less competition with minimum 1500 searches per month.
  4. Prepare your own checklist to verify all factors your blog regularly
  5. Track your traffic from bloggers forum, social bookmarking, organic so you can work on continuous improvement

These are all applied strategies so you can good results in instantly. Work hard to achieve, hard work pays always worth.


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